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  1. Desire something that someone else has v.

  2. Having sharp Judgement adj.

  3. Boring adj.

  4. Unending existence n.

  5. To pretend to be another person v.

  6. Not seeming reasonable or probable adj.

  7. To put or keep in prison v.

  8. Very serious or urgent adj.

  9. Words written in memory of a person who died n.

  10. Food or drink to keep someone alive n.

  11. Ruin the appearance v.

  12. Not wasteful adj.

  13. To honor the memory of someone or something v.

  14. Not feeling shame or regret in ones actions adj.

  15. Coming after something adj.

  16. A speech that praises someone (usually dead) n.

  17. Unable to get upset or excited adj.

  18. Long life n.

  19. Truthful adj.

  20. Skilfull and Quick in movement adj.

  21. An animal that hunts other animals for food n.

  22. Unable to be sensed adj.

  23. Unclear adj.

  24. Intention to do evil adj.

  25. Unimportant under the circumstances adj.

  26. Treating all rivals equally or unbiased adj.

  27. Unable to be affected by things adj.

  28. To impress or stamp a surface or body v.

  29. A person or thing that is chased or sought n.

  30. Absolutely necessary adj.