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  1. Verb
  2. Intrasitive Active
  3. 1. Look for the Subject
  4. Noun
  5. Pronoun
  6. Interjections
  7. Linking Verb
  8. Subject
  9. Adverbs
  10. Past Participle
  11. Direct Object
  12. Levels of Grammar
  13. 4. Finds the objects or subjective complements
  14. Indirect Object
  15. Phrases
  16. Gerund
  17. Retained Object
  18. Preposition
  19. Adjetives
  20. Predicate Noun
  21. Parts of speech
  22. Types of verbs
  23. Verbals
  24. Participles
  25. Clauses
  26. Coordinate conjuction
  27. Transitive Active
  28. Infinitives
  29. Present Participle
  30. Subordinate conjuction
  31. 2. Look for the verb
  32. Adjetive Phrases
  33. Object of the preposition
  34. Noun Functions
  35. How to attack the sentence
  36. Appositive
  37. Passive Verb
  38. Conjuctions
  1. a ..
  2. b A word that expresses emotion
  3. c Essential step indicates the existence of a clause, so verify that this group of words can stand by itself.
  4. d Used to join element that gives equal weight; 7 types (and, but, or, nor, so, for, or yet )
  5. e Answers "to whom" or "for whom" after the verb
  6. f A word that expresses action, a state of being or feeling, or a relation between two things
  7. g A word that replaces a noun
  8. h Noun
  9. i The subject is usually one word, but it could be a Gerund Phrase, an Infinitive Phrase, or a Noun Clause
  10. j Modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb.
  11. k A form regularly derived from a verb and functioning as a noun.
  12. l Transitive Active, Intrasitive Active, Linking, Passive
  13. m A conjunction that makes an independent (main) clause into a dependent (subordinate) clause.
  14. n A past participle is a VERB + -ED used as an adjective or a verb.
  15. o Formed sith "to" and the regular form of the verb.
  16. p The verb links the subject to the subjective complement, which either renames Predicate Noun or characterizes Predicate Adjetive.
  17. q A present participle is a Verb plus 'ing' used as an adjective or a verb.
  18. r Group of related words.
  19. s Words, Phrases, Clauses
  20. t Subject, Appositive, Direct Object, Indirect Object, Predicate Noun, Object of the preposition, Retained Object
  21. u The action remains within the verb
  22. v Connects its noun or pronoun another word in the sentence and always exists in a prepositional phrase
  23. w Receives action of verb
  24. x The noun or pronoun that ends the prepositional phrase
  25. y A noun or noun phrase that renames another noun right beside it
  26. z Modify nouns or pronouns
  27. aa Noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, interjection, preposition, conjunction (Coordinate and Subordinate)
  28. ab Linking Verb and Past Participle
  29. ac Includes Noun, Adjetive, and Adverb
  30. ad Group of related words that has a subject snd a verb. A sentence must have at least one main clause, which makes sense by itself. A depender clause cannot stand by itself. It has a Subordinate Conjuction if it functions adverbially. It has a Relative Pronoun if it functions Adjectivally or Nominally
  31. ae A noun or pronoun that follows an action verb in the passive voice
  32. af Gerund, Participles (Past & Present), Infinitive
  33. ag The receiver of the action is a direct object
  34. ah A person, place, thing, or idea
  35. ai Follows a linking verb and defines or renames the subject
  36. aj 1. Look for the Subject
    2. Look for the verb
    3. Determine which kind of verb
    4. Finds the objects or subjective complements
    5. Identify the modifiers or apposities, wheter wods, phrases, or clauses
  37. ak Functions as an adjetive or part of a verb phrase.
  38. al Joins words, phrases, and clauses.