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  1. hinting or predicting beforehand
  2. exactly the same throughout; lacking any diversity
  3. wishing harm towards; hostile
  4. to scatter about; break up
  5. skilled; expert at
  6. accept as inevitable; to submit passively
  7. generous in spirit
  8. stubbornly persistent
  9. angry over some injustice
  10. to feel regret, remorse, or sorrow
  11. a watch
  12. a word spelled exactly like another word but having a different meaning
  13. evaded or escaped
  14. to make clean by explaining
  15. a picture, cartoony description, etc. that ridiculously exaggerates the peculiarities or defects of a person or object
  16. a bad imitation of; a perversion of
  17. gentle; kindly
  18. easy to converse with; friendly
  19. brooding; sulky
  20. charitable donation to public causes
  21. not clearly expressed
  22. careful; mindful or rules and consequences
  23. causing disturbance or excitement
  24. stubborn
  25. carefree
  26. full of disbelief
  27. of great size; very bulky
  28. a figure constructed in mockery
  29. distant, especially in one's relations with other people
  30. filled up with
  31. seeking to solve a problem before it occurs
  32. confused or befuddled
  33. unpleasant or unharmonious sound
  34. occurring before a war