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  1. release from blame
  2. to approach and speak to someone
  3. to depart secretly
  4. skillfully
  5. to accept without opposition, comply quietly
  6. troubled in spirit, distressed
  7. condensed, shortened
  8. failing to accomplish an intended result
  9. sharpness of perception or vision
  10. to entice by charm, attract
  11. unclear, subject to multiple interpretations
  12. praise, distinction
  13. to accumulate, grow by addition
  14. uncompromising
  15. commotion, excitement, uneasiness
  16. highest point, summit
  17. well coordinated, flexible in a graceful way
  18. next to
  19. friendly, easy to approach
  20. an assumed name, false name
  21. to express approval, agree to
  22. harsh, bitter
  23. added as an auxiliary staff member
  24. detached, indifferent
  25. having to do with the air
  26. to loathe, detest
  27. to accommodate, adjust
  28. noisy dispute
  29. to sketch or outline in a shadowy way, to foreshadow
  30. relating to farming or rural matters
  31. to make indirect reference, to refer
  32. to relieve, ease
  33. to caution, correct, express disapproval
  34. brought low in condition or status
  35. to hold fast or stick by something, as if by gluing
  36. unselfish, concerned for the welfare of others
  37. to make unfriendly or hostile where there had formerly been affection
  38. fondness, liking, similarity
  39. mechanical problem-solving procedure
  40. attainable, available, approachable
  41. personal offense, insult
  42. slightly open
  43. bitterness, animosity
  44. to forgive, free from blame
  45. favorable, useful
  46. old saying or proverb
  47. sharp, pointed, severe
  48. high praise
  49. rich, abundant
  50. collective mass or sum, total