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  1. admonishto caution, correct, express disapproval


  2. aggregatecollective mass or sum, total


  3. acutesharp, pointed, severe


  4. agrarianhaving to do with the air


  5. abridgedtroubled in spirit, distressed


  6. alleviateto relieve, ease


  7. acquittalrelease from blame


  8. adageold saying or proverb


  9. accedeto accumulate, grow by addition


  10. advantageousold saying or proverb


  11. aerialharsh, bitter


  12. acmesharp, pointed, severe


  13. accoladeto express approval, agree to


  14. adulationcommotion, excitement, uneasiness


  15. abortiveto forgive, free from blame


  16. altruisticunselfish, concerned for the welfare of others


  17. agilewell coordinated, flexible in a graceful way


  18. adamantuncompromising


  19. allureto make indirect reference, to refer


  20. acrimonyharsh, bitter


  21. aggrievedtroubled in spirit, distressed


  22. adjacentuncompromising


  23. adhereto loathe, detest


  24. accostto express approval, agree to


  25. algorithmmechanical problem-solving procedure


  26. adroitlyhaving to do with the air


  27. altercationnoisy dispute


  28. adumbratecollective mass or sum, total


  29. accessibleattainable, available, approachable


  30. absolveto forgive, free from blame


  31. alienateto make unfriendly or hostile where there had formerly been affection


  32. adjunctadded as an auxiliary staff member


  33. abjectadded as an auxiliary staff member


  34. aliasslightly open


  35. ajarslightly open


  36. affablefriendly, easy to approach


  37. ambiguousto loathe, detest


  38. acridharsh, bitter


  39. accrueto express approval, agree to


  40. affrontrich, abundant


  41. abscondto depart secretly


  42. adaptold saying or proverb


  43. affluentrich, abundant


  44. affinitypersonal offense, insult


  45. acquiesceto accept without opposition, comply quietly


  46. acuitysharp, pointed, severe


  47. abhorto hold fast or stick by something, as if by gluing


  48. aloofdetached, indifferent


  49. agitationhigh praise


  50. alludeto make indirect reference, to refer