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  1. twisted, coiled; complicated, intricately involved
  2. displaying or indicative of an offensively condescending manner
  3. extra, unnecessary
  4. characterized by or given to pretentious or cospicuous show to impress others
  5. floewry, excessively ornate, showy
  6. extraordinary in some bad way, flagrant, glaring
  7. sluggish inactivity or inertia, lethargic indifference, dormacy
  8. inequality, difference
  9. to obstruct or hinder
  10. to enhance with fictitious additions, ornament, adorn
  11. a merging of efforts or interests
  12. slavishly submissive
  13. without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities; vapid
  14. ambiguous, vague, uncertain, not clear or plain
  15. free, voluntary, without cause/reason/justification
  16. having or showing little or no interest in anything, indifferent
  17. affecting or moving the emotions, pugnent
  18. frantic, frenzied
  19. turned away, diverted; made indifferent or hostile
  20. unduly demonstrative, lacking reserve
  21. high spirits, exhilaration, exuberance
  22. elaborately adorned, often ecessively or showily so
  23. mysterious in meaning, puzzling, ambiguous
  24. shockingly noticeable or evident, obvious, glaring
  25. kept in or repressed
  26. wealthy, rich, or affluent
  27. slothful, lazy, (inactive or relatively benign)
  28. ineffective, useless, not successful
  29. state of perplexity or uncertainty, a dilemma
  30. domineering in a haughty manner, dictatorial, overbearing