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  1. The use of clues to hint at events that will happen later in the story
  2. not discouraged or intimidated
  3. Likely to happen soon
  4. a movement of the body expressing respect or courtesy
  5. insecurely
  6. A funeral song
  7. The use of words that begin with the same sound near one another
  8. Complex, shows many different qualities, revaling faults as well as virtues
  9. An authors use of words of vivid and descriptive language to add to add depth to his or her word(often involving the 5 senses)
  10. Prevented
  11. A literary or linguistic technique that produces a specific effect in writing
  12. All of the action which follows the climax
  13. Person or thing that represents both itself and a bigger idea
  14. Exaggeration to create emphasis or effect
  15. wildly hungry
  16. The turning point, the must intense moment either mentally or in action
  17. very troubled or confused
  18. staggering back
  19. One dimensional showing a single trait
  20. threatening; foreshadowing evil or harm
  21. to charm, mislead, or influence by trickery or flattery
  22. any place or scene of wild disorder, noise, or confusion
  23. a violent storm or disturbance
  24. The dynamic struggle between two forces
    Internal: man vs self
    External: man vs man
    Man vs society
    Man vs nature
    Man vs technology
    Man vs supernatural
  25. The use of words that have similar vowel sound near one another
  26. The conclusion, the tying together of all the threads
  27. A figure of speech in that describes a subject by asserting that it is on some point of comparison the same as another unrelated object
  28. settled down; became less active or intense
  29. The start of the story, the situation before the action starts
  30. Develops changes and learns something during the course of the story
  31. baffling; mysterious
  32. bodily disrespectful
  33. to beg urgently
  34. condition of not being likely to fail
  35. dignified behavior and etiquette
  36. A feeling of tension that keeps reader wondering what will happen next
  37. A story or poem in which. Every element has parallel literal and symbolic meaning
  38. showing contempt or ridicule
  39. payback; punishment for a misdee
  40. The use of words that have similar Constance sound near one another
  41. The series of conflicts and crisis in the story that leads to the climax
  42. suggesting indirectly
  43. A gloomy state of mind
  44. reject with contempt or disdain
  45. suffering or sickened
  46. An idea you develop about what will happen next
  47. Attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other then a human
  48. A figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared
  49. facial expression
  50. Clearly stated
  51. Words that phonetically intimate, resemble or suggest the source of the sound it describes
  52. Stays the same throughout the story