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  1. Adj. energetic, marked by speed
  2. adj. stylishly luxurious and expensive
  3. Adj. Rudely brief
  4. Adj. Not friendly; distant
  5. N. Severe mental or physical pain
  6. V. To torment or tease with the promise of something unobtainable
  7. to aprove something
  8. Adj. bad tempered or gloomy
  9. N. An event causing great and often sudden damage or distress, a disaster
  10. Adj. No value
  11. Adj. Feeling angry about your opinion of poor treatment.
  12. N. A feeling of disapproval with disgust
  13. Adj. Incapable of being understood
  14. Adj. Given the impression that something bad is going to happen
  15. Adj. Not able to be removed
  16. V. To become less
  17. Adj. Simulated or pretended
  18. Adj. knows the realties of life; clever of perspective
  19. Adj. Done in a cautious manor
  20. V. To persuade someone to do something by flattery
  21. friendly, easy to talk to
  22. Adj. Feelings of sadness or nostalgia
  23. capable of being touched, real
  24. V. To change direction suddenly
  25. Adj. Seeking attencion through drama
  26. Adj. Something standing out
  27. Adj. having or showing a feeling of longing
  28. Adj. constant or never ending
  29. V. To make a sound
  30. N. Foam caused by soap and water, v. To produce foam
  31. V. To pressure someone to do an action or event, ussually bad
  32. Adj. Not easily upset or exited (person or animal)
  33. V. To make someone feel anyoned frustrated or worried, expesially with unimportant things
  34. Adj. Hesitant or doubtful, not to be relied upon
  35. Adj. Having a harsh voice
  36. Adj. agitated or confused
  1. a Vex
  2. b Sentimental
  3. c swanky
  4. d Conspicuous
  5. e Placid
  6. f Ceaseless
  7. g Aloof
  8. h Hoarse
  9. i Ineradicable
  10. j Wistful
  11. k Savvy
  12. l affable
  13. m Lather
  14. n Frivolous
  15. o Tantalize
  16. p Briskly
  17. q Contempt
  18. r Flustered
  19. s Ominous
  20. t Stealthy
  21. u Dubious
  22. v Feigned
  23. w Emit
  24. x Melodramatic
  25. y Unfathomable
  26. z Veer
  27. aa Anguish
  28. ab Tangable
  29. ac Calamity
  30. ad Indignant
  31. ae Coax
  32. af Instigate
  33. ag Subside
  34. ah condone
  35. ai Curt
  36. aj Sullen