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  1. free from blame, clear from accusation, acquit, absolve

  2. free from difficulties, disentangle, disencumber, release

  3. act of blaming, expression of disapproval, hostile critisisim, rebuke

  4. tear down,destroy,raze,smash,wreck

  5. fair to all concerned, just,impartial, objective, unbiased

  6. close a meeting, suspend the business of a meeting, disband, recess

  7. lose or have to give up as a penalty for some error, neglect, or fault, sacrifice

  8. discord, conflict, strife

  9. composed or spoken, without preparation, off hand, impromptu, improvise

  10. unfair, unjust

  11. shrewd, wise, perspicacious, sagacious, crafty, cunning, sly, willy

  12. unload

  13. differ in opinion, disagree, object

  14. destruction