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  1. A child.

  2. To fasten things together with a knot.

  3. To move your body energetically to get in shape and remain healthy.

  4. A journey in a particular place.

  5. To become greater in intensity or more common.

  6. The kind of family one comes from and the kind of education one has.

  7. To take something away.

  8. Well liked by a lot of people.

  9. Strongly.

  10. Especially.

  11. To look carefully for something.

  12. Something new and difficult that requires great effort and determination.

  13. Someone who draws, paints or produces works of art, or a person who performs such as a musician or actor.

  14. Someone who lives near or next to you.

  15. To receive money in return for work that one does.

  16. Very strong or effective.
  17. To move around something in a circle.

  18. Someone born in a particular place.

  19. to succed in getting away from someone, something or some place.

  20. To be touched or struck with a lot force.

  21. Amount of space between two places.

  22. Very great in degree or intensity.

  23. Development in size, wealth, or importance.

  24. Happenign once a year.

  25. Something that has the shape of another object or is formed in a particular way.

  26. To create something new that did not exist before.

  27. Someone who teaches people or animals necessary skills.

  28. A person who goes to live in a new country or place.

  29. A person who travels for pleasure.
  30. A group of people who watch or listen to play, concert, sport tournament, etc.

  31. To give permission to do something; make possible.

  32. To help or improve your life in some way.

  33. Particularly.

  34. To live trough a dangerous situation.

  35. To repair something that is damaged or not working properly.

  36. To help someone

  37. A way in which one thing is better than another.

  38. The treatment of illness and injuries by a doctor.

  39. The outside or flat top part of something.

  40. Able to invent, create and develop original ideas.

  41. An opinion about what someone should do in a particular situation.

  42. To be the property of a person or thing.

  43. to feel more calm and less tense.

  44. Precise and exact.

  45. connected with religion.

  46. Talk with someone, usually in an informal situation

  47. To give someone confidence; let the person know what they are doing is good.

  48. Even thought; used to introduce a fact that makes something surprising.

  49. Correctly; in a satisfactory way.

  50. All, whole.

  51. Something with bright colors; interesting to look at.

  52. used to describe something, someone or something that you recognize or know very well.

  53. Clever or intelligent.

  54. Having achieved a desire result.

  55. Separate not connected.

  56. Information that someone is trying to communicate.

  57. Including the whole world.

  58. Something to achieve.

  59. A particular way to do something.

  60. Aperiod of 100 years.

  61. An instrument or piece of equipment.
  62. Very old; having existed for a long time.

  63. A form of energy used for heating, lighting and running machines.

  64. To have an effect on something.

  65. To reach or extend to a larger area.

  66. Entertaining an audience by singin, dancing or acting.

  67. To take up an area so that it is full; to use all available space.
  68. A place like a nightclub where people go for entertainment.

  69. A building and the land around it; all the things that belong to someone.

  70. The building or creating of something.

  71. Having the ability to think, understand and learn things quickly and well.

  72. Progress in a particular field.

  73. To approve of an action or decision; also to greet in a friendly way.

  74. A subject that people argue about or discuss.

  75. Similar.

  76. To be unlike something else, to disagree.

  77. Quick and full or energy; cheerful.

  78. An area of a country or the world.

  79. Something extremely large in size, amount or degree.

  80. The way one thinks or feels about something.

  81. A way of doing something that follows a fixed plan or set of rules.

  82. All the vehicles moving along roads in a particular area.

  83. To discover or notice the existence of something.

  84. Kind, mild and calm.

  85. A plan to achieve something, especially over a long period.

  86. The physical energy to perform various activities.

  87. In the end; finally.

  88. Unattractive and unpleasant to look at.

  89. Two or more things.

  90. A group of people with a common purpose.

  91. To deal with something that is difficult or unpleasant.

  92. Referring to women or girls.

  93. Having or showing good manners.

  94. To travel from one place to another.

  95. Bags that you take with you when you travel.

  96. A state or quiet and calm; not war.

  97. All the people who live in a particular area, city or country.

  98. To develop or start something.

  99. overseas; in a foreign country.

  100. To send a message to someone.
  1. a Hit
  2. b Spread out
  3. c Method
  4. d Tool
  5. e Kid
  6. f Contact
  7. g Remove
  8. h Successful
  9. i Conversation
  10. j Encourage
  11. k Attitudes
  12. l Century
  13. m Allow
  14. n Club
  15. o Artist
  16. p Entire
  17. q Baggage
  18. r Smart
  19. s Population
  20. t Huge
  21. u Religious
  22. v Creative
  23. w Particularly
  24. x Native
  25. y Ugly
  26. z Gentle
  27. aa Global
  28. ab Advantage
  29. ac Specific
  30. ad Medicine
  31. ae Settler
  32. af Welcome
  33. ag Female
  34. ah Identify
  35. ai Invent
  36. aj Fill
  37. ak Goal
  38. al Organizations
  39. am Advances
  40. an Ancient
  41. ao Property
  42. ap Strength
  43. aq Lively
  44. ar Intelligent
  45. as Construction
  46. at Influenced
  47. au Challenge
  48. av Extreme
  49. aw Heavily
  50. ax Tie
  51. ay Mix
  52. az Performance
  53. ba Neighbor
  54. bb Colorful
  55. bc Issues
  56. bd Polite
  57. be Familiar
  58. bf Abroad
  59. bg Escape
  60. bh Trainer
  61. bi Face
  62. bj Popular
  63. bk Increasing
  64. bl Advice
  65. bm Messages
  66. bn Survive
  67. bo Distance
  68. bp Earn
  69. bq Relaxed
  70. br Surface
  71. bs Journey
  72. bt Growth
  73. bu Properly
  74. bv Powerful
  75. bw Electricity
  76. bx Independent
  77. by Tourist
  78. bz Search
  79. ca System
  80. cb Peace
  81. cc Fix
  82. cd Traffic
  83. ce Alike
  84. cf Background
  85. cg Shaped
  86. ch Eventually
  87. ci Annual
  88. cj Formed
  89. ck Circling
  90. cl Belong
  91. cm Benefit
  92. cn Audience
  93. co Assist
  94. cp Region
  95. cq Trip
  96. cr Exercises
  97. cs Despite
  98. ct Especially
  99. cu Strategy
  100. cv Differ