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  1. Express discontent or sorrow over

  2. To cheat someone out of money

  3. Fond of company

  4. Wicked or criminal

  5. Arrogantly superior

  6. Lecture at length in an aggressive way

  7. Appearing everywhere

  8. Showing great knowledge or learning

  9. To verbally rip apart

  10. Tense bitterness in a relationship

  11. The top of a trajectory, the highest point

  12. A forceful and bitter verbal attack

  13. Unable to be captured or broken into

  14. Argumentative and uncooperative

  15. Lacking social grace

  16. Profane talk about holy or sacred things

  17. Showing a lack of care or thought

  18. A bad-tempered person

  19. A natural skill

  20. A statement that does not logically follow a conversations flow

  21. A woman who flirts to get what she wants

  22. Someone who uses flattery to try to get what he/she wants from an authority figure

  23. Intending to cause harm

  24. Someone who hates women

  25. Treating serious issues with inappropriate humor

  26. Very harmful