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  1. belonging to you (possessive adjective)your


  2. principalmain (adjective); the head of a school (noun)


  3. loseto fail to win, to misplace a thing (verb)


  4. wholequestion word for "belonging to whom?"


  5. a part played, as in a drama (noun)role


  6. the number that comes after three and before five (noun)meat


  7. a permit (noun Canadian spelling)licence


  8. planea piece of window glass (noun)


  9. the ability to see, or something that is seen (noun)patience


  10. building where an American legislature meetscapitol


  11. to place something down (verb)set


  12. looseto fail to win, to misplace a thing (verb)


  13. checkthis place (noun or adverb)


  14. adviseIdeas or suggestions offered to help someone with a problem or situation (noun)


  15. lessenpast tense of "to pass"; something handed along, or has moved by something else (verb, or adverb)


  16. plaina feeling of hurt (noun)


  17. time before the present (noun, adjective)weak


  18. polea vote (noun or verb)


  19. a period of time = 60 minutes (noun)pane


  20. also, very muchbrake


  21. negative; not; opposite of "yes"no


  22. wouldverb expressing a wish


  23. question word for "belonging to whom?"whose


  24. a part of something (noun)piece


  25. somethe total amount (noun); to add things together (verb)


  26. the number 2except


  27. a golf warning, meaning watch out ahead; also the front part of a boatmeat


  28. licenseto make something less; to decrease (verb)


  29. rollto turn over, usually a rounded object (verb); a type of small bread (noun)


  30. path or direction (noun)way


  31. to do something repeatedly in order to improve (verb, Canadian spelling)lesson


  32. belonging to them (possessive adjective)their


  33. to receivebrake


  34. to form words on paper (verb)counsel


  35. to stopbrake


  36. quietplural of foot (noun)


  37. coursepath or track (noun)


  38. who'scontraction of "who is"


  39. past tense of "to pass"; something handed along, or has moved by something else (verb, or adverb)seen


  40. capitalcity where the government is located; very important; money to invest


  41. contraction of "they are"who's


  42. something recently acquired (adjective)new


  43. meatflesh of an animal used for food (noun)


  44. panean aircraft (noun)


  45. painsomething that is ordinary and without decoration (adjective); a flat area, a prairie (noun)


  46. madepast tense of "to make" (verb); something that has been created (adjective)


  47. not strong (adjective)weak


  48. question word to ask about locationbreak


  49. pollverb expressing a wish


  50. effectan achievement (noun)


  51. a bank form (Canadian spelling)licence


  52. a part of a play or movie (noun)piece


  53. correct, or the opposite of "left" (adjective or noun)no


  54. ifbrake


  55. a medical client (noun); someone who has patience (adjective)their


  56. belonging to us (possessive adjective)our


  57. weighhow heavy something is (noun)


  58. werepast from of "was"


  59. holean opening (noun)


  60. a rule or belief (noun)feet


  61. greatplural of foot (noun)


  62. breakrest period; to damage or destroy


  63. calm; the opposite of war (noun)peace


  64. something that is taught (noun)plane


  65. counselto advise (verb)


  66. to shred (verb); a vented cover for a sewer or heating pipequiet


  67. an achievement (noun)hole


  68. rough, textured (adjective)weak


  69. tobelonging to it (possessive adjective)


  70. this place (noun or adverb)here


  71. a cleaning person (noun)principle


  72. paper, envelopes and tools for writing (noun)stationery


  73. group or committee (noun)council


  74. patiencethe ability to wait peacefully (noun)


  75. meetto place something down (verb)


  76. siteto rest one's body, especially on a chair (verb)


  77. made from treeswood


  78. the total amount (noun); to add things together (verb)won


  79. contraction of "it is"you're


  80. to excludewhether


  81. weatherclimate conditions (noun)


  82. itsin the direction of; used with verb in infinitive


  83. waitto stay around (verb)


  84. sita location or place, nowadays especially on the internet (noun)


  85. seenpast tense of "to see" (verb)


  86. oneto fail to win, to misplace a thing (verb)


  87. to be used as; in favour of; meant to belong to (preposition)for


  88. to go well together with somethingcomplement


  89. Ideas or suggestions offered to help someone with a problem or situation (noun)advice


  90. flattering wordstwo


  91. affectto influence (verb)


  92. stationarynot moving (adjective)


  93. therequestion word to ask about location


  94. past tense of "to win" (verb)won


  95. contraction of "you are"who's


  96. contraction for "we are" (verb)we're


  97. a custom or habit; repetition of a task for learning (noun)scene


  98. seven days (noun)course


  99. quitecompletely; to a large extent (adverb)


  100. past tense form of "know" (verb)knew


  101. plural of foot (noun)pain


  102. wearto put on or carry on your body; usually clothing (verb)


  103. how heavy something is (noun)weight


  104. to listen (verb)hear


  105. to understand or be familiar with (verb)license