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  1. magnanimousintending to hurt or harm another; spiteful


  2. adulateto alleviate; to lessen pain or conflict; pacify


  3. platitudeto make calm; to soothe


  4. colloquialpertaining to common everyday speech; conversational


  5. full of bitter scorn and pride; aloofdisputatious


  6. profusedull; commonplace


  7. generous in giving to others or in spending moneylavish (#1)


  8. predatorone who takes advantage of another, exploits or feeds on another; a strong adversary or rival


  9. hackneyedmade common place by overuse; trite (n. hack, one who copies or imitates the work of others)


  10. great unrest; turmoil or disorderadversity


  11. a turbulent scenario or situation; tumultturmoil


  12. modern, new; relating to the same time periodindolent


  13. having little or no energystagnant


  14. to snub; to bluntly refuseprodigal


  15. jocularliking to be with people, joke around with them and have fun


  16. exuberantwandering about; tending to move around, travel


  17. perniciousgreedy; gluttonous; ravenous; insatiable


  18. maliciousgreedy


  19. to walk around in a proud showy manner; to boast in a loud mannerswagger (vb.)


  20. slave-like; overly humble; involving very hard workslavish


  21. old; outdated, no longer in useobsolete


  22. excess; abundanceplethora


  23. a difficult or troubling situation; a swampy ground, bog, mirequagmire


  24. sociable, outgoing in a festive way, especially when pertaining to eating and drinking; fond of good companyconvivial


  25. transientlasting for only a short time; temporary


  26. indolentgiving freely and easily to others; charitable; kind


  27. impassionedfilled with passionate emotion


  28. aloof; indifferentdetached


  29. insipidlacking energy; relating to inactivity; feeling sluggish


  30. palatableeasy to talk to; easy to approach, friendly; kind; amiable


  31. itinerantoverflowing with vitality and good spirits


  32. upbraidto express strong approval or praise; hail


  33. sociable, outgoinggregarious


  34. one who overindulges in food and drinkglutton


  35. having to do with sitting around a lotfervent


  36. full of passion and emotionimpassioned


  37. lacklusterabundant; more than enough


  38. castigateto scold or punish severely


  39. enigmaa riddle or mystery; a puzzling or baffling matter or person


  40. insolenta self-server who tries to gain the favor of others through the use of flattery of by being overattentive


  41. odiousgreedy; gluttonous; ravenous; insatiable


  42. taodya flatterer; a sycophant


  43. lacking interest in something, usually because of illness fatigue, or general sadness; spiritlesslistless


  44. amiableshowing goodwill; peaceable


  45. harmful to one's health or overall welfare; perniciousrancorous


  46. ampleto pacify; to subdue; to quiet down


  47. benevolentgiving freely and easily to others; charitable; kind


  48. venerateto feel or show deep respect for, especially due to age or tradition; to honor


  49. dangerous or risky; uncertainlanguor


  50. carefully alert and watchfulvigilant


  51. contemptuouslacking respect; scornful


  52. alleviateto lessen pain or discomfort


  53. sluggishslow and lazy


  54. a dilemma; a confusing or puzzling situationquandary


  55. vanishing quickly; fleetingevanescent


  56. egotisticalExcessively self-absorbed; very conceited


  57. compliantyielding, submissive


  58. effervescentlively; full of uplifted spirit; vivacious


  59. lacking harmony or agreementdiscordant


  60. aloofuninterested; showing no concern; emotionally removed or distant


  61. showing goodwill; peaceablequiescent


  62. a self-server who tries to gain the favor of others through the use of flattery of by being overattentivecliché


  63. raucousdeeply hateful or spiteful; malicious


  64. submissivevoluntarily obeying another; humble


  65. to calm; to make peaceful; to restore to a tranquil statepacify


  66. resolveto regard highly with love and respect


  67. ravenousvery hungry


  68. affableeasy to talk to; easy to approach, friendly; kind; amiable


  69. quiet; still; inactivequiescent


  70. of a quarrelsome nature; eager to fight; warlike; belligerentbellicose


  71. having to do with cooking, preparing mealsculinary


  72. antagonismhatred or hostility


  73. verboseemotionally distant and disinterested; aloof; uninvolved; distant, far away


  74. sleep-inducing; sleepysluggish


  75. archaicto talk very loudly, even wildly; rave


  76. short-livedsurfeit


  77. innovationexplosive or changing very quickly


  78. eulogizeto praise, as in a eulogy; to say good things about


  79. derideto ridicule or make fun of; to scoff at


  80. showing care with how money and resources are spent or usedpithy


  81. detrimentalharmful


  82. exactingrequiring a great deal of care of effort; painstaking


  83. reproveto speak to in a disapproving manner; to scold


  84. clichéan idea or expression that has become stale due to overuse


  85. bombasticusing language in a pompous, showy way; speaking to impress others


  86. antediluvianvery, very, old; antiquated


  87. obeying or performing a service for someone in an overly attentive mannerbelligerent


  88. to pacify; to subdue; to quiet downrebuff


  89. phlegmatichaving great pride in oneself and dislike for others


  90. puzzling; bafflingsluggish


  91. reticentnot talking much; reserved


  92. lacking emotion or driveimpassive


  93. moving or walking about; itinerantperipatetic


  94. circumlocutioncareful and cautious before acting


  95. chastiserequiring a great deal of care of effort; painstaking


  96. the quality of sound, pertaining to how it is heard based on the quality and structure of the roomacoustics


  97. exaltto praise or glorify; to lift up in status, dignity, or power


  98. clearly and briefly stated; conciseheedful


  99. cautious, carefulwary


  100. causing ruin; harmful; perniciouslethargic


  101. avariciousgreedy


  102. spread out, not concise, wordydiffuse (adj.)


  103. mitigateto scold or punish severely


  104. novelnew


  105. clamorto find fault; to be critical


  106. generous giving (also spelled largesse)upbraid


  107. consciliateto win a person over through special considerations or persuasive methods; reconcile


  108. hideboundstrongly opinionated; narrow-mindedly stubborn


  109. derivative (adj.)spread out, not concise, wordy


  110. to express strong approval or praise; hailacclaim


  111. holding back from eating or drinking too muchabstemious


  112. indifferent; showing no caring, interest, or concern; lacking emotionaloof


  113. lacking freshness and zest; flat; stalecontemptuous


  114. intractableunoriginal and stale due to overuse


  115. greedy; gluttonous; ravenous; insatiabledin


  116. dogmaticstrongly opinionated; rigid; dictatorial


  117. eloquencetalking with a great deal of ease; glib


  118. abundant; in excessantiquity


  119. cantankerousgreedy


  120. laconicusing few words in speech


  121. volatilewandering


  122. euphonya turbulent scenario or situation; tumult


  123. slave-like; very humble and submissivevibrant


  124. stubbornwillful


  125. emaciatedvery, very thin due to lack of adequate food


  126. gaining the favor of another by acting overly kind or by using flatterystolid


  127. banaldull or stale because of overuse; trite; hackneyed


  128. deviousdishonest or deceptive; tricky


  129. laudto praise; extol


  130. resistant to persuasion or softening; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoingmercenary


  131. reveretasty or good smelling


  132. adamantto talk very loudly, even wildly; rave


  133. compatible; having kindred needs or tastes; sympatheticcongenial


  134. vibrantcarefully alert and watchful


  135. parsimoniousoverly thrifty or miserly


  136. allayto express strong approval or praise; hail


  137. tasty or good smellingsavory


  138. placateto praise or flatter too greatly; fawn over


  139. myriad (adj. and n.)countless; a very large number


  140. belligerenttaking part in war or fighting; ready to fight


  141. careful with money; thrifty; not prodigal or wastefulfrugal


  142. terseusing only the words that are needed to make the point; very concise, sometimes to the point of rudeness


  143. a weak or lifeless feelinggregarious


  144. lacking emotion or not showing any emotion; stoicalstolid


  145. disputatiousabundant; much; plentiful


  146. looking down on others; proud and scornfulsupercilious


  147. deeply hateful or spiteful; maliciousmeticulous


  148. relating to doing what one knows is right; scrupulousconscientious


  149. torpidlacking energy; relating to inactivity; feeling sluggish


  150. shrill; high pitchedstrident


  151. a failure or breakdown; a collapse that is often nonsensicaldebacle


  152. superfluousoverabundant; more than is needed; unnecessary


  153. to rebuke or scold in a harsh toneupbraid


  154. obstinateto make or become less severe; to lessen pain or damage


  155. to wander off from the subject or topic spoken aboutdigress


  156. mundaneto act as a go-between in settling conflicts or disputes between people or opposing sides


  157. brief and full of meaning and substance; concisesuccint


  158. zealousuninterested; showing no concern; emotionally removed or distant


  159. to make tranquil or quiet, especially by giving into another's demands; to pacifyappease


  160. contentiousharmful to one's health or overall welfare; pernicious


  161. loquaciousintending to hurt or harm another; spiteful


  162. impugnto reprimand or scold sharply


  163. briefness or conciseness in speech or writingbrevity


  164. rantto talk very loudly, even wildly; rave


  165. to pacify, soothe, or appease; to make less severe or violentvoluble


  166. prosaicabundant; producing a great deal; fertile


  167. filled with passion or intensityalleviate


  168. lacking movement or energysurfeit


  169. fleetingtransitory


  170. prodigalwasteful; lavish


  171. full of great enthusiasm or devotionfanatical


  172. iniquitousshowing a lack of fairness; wicked; vicious


  173. having to do with relishing the pleasure of eating and drinking (n. epicure: the pleasure...)epicurean


  174. careful and cautious before actingunwavering


  175. a custom or object that has been around for a very, very long timepenurious


  176. made for the sake of quarreling; quibblingcaptious


  177. firm and determinedunwavering


  178. one who boasts a great dealbraggart


  179. an oversupplysurfeit


  180. using few words in speaking or writingconcise


  181. subservientquiet; still; inactive


  182. miserlyfriendly, kind


  183. triteunoriginal and stale due to overuse


  184. penuriousstingy; relating to great poverty, destitution


  185. complacentself-satisfied; smug


  186. levitytasty or good smelling


  187. recalcitrantstubborn; disobedient; defiant


  188. lasting a short time; fleetingimpassive


  189. very mean and wickednefarious


  190. hidden; hard to understand; mysterious; obscurecryptic


  191. austerehaving great economy; showing self-control when it comes to foregoing luxuries and frills; stern in manner or appearence


  192. alimentaryrelating to good and nourishment


  193. inceptionthe start, the beginning of something


  194. emotionally distant and disinterested; aloof; uninvolved; distant, far awayremote


  195. heedfulpaying careful attention to


  196. very carefullygingerly


  197. conflagrationa huge fire, and inferno


  198. to alleviate; to lessen pain or conflict; pacifyameliorate


  199. unyieldingfirm and determined


  200. talking with a great deal of ease; glibbraggart


  201. to value highly; to have great regard forreticent


  202. nonchalantlazy; not wanting to do any work


  203. adversityancient times


  204. overbearing; proud; haughtyclamor


  205. altruisticshowing an unselfish concern for others


  206. taciturnsilent; sparing of words; close-mouthed


  207. abundant; much; plentifullavish (#2)


  208. dinongoing loud sound; noise


  209. to act as a go-between in settling conflicts or disputes between people or opposing sidesassuage


  210. very old and no longer in use; obsoleteantiquated


  211. subordinateinferior; lower in rank or status


  212. inclined to argue or debate; controversialprecarious


  213. pugnaciouseager to fight; belligerent


  214. mellifluousof a quarrelsome nature; eager to fight; warlike; belligerent


  215. extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatredvirulent


  216. to show mild disapprovaldeprecate


  217. showing enthusiasm; ardentfanatical


  218. mercenaryrelating to good and nourishment


  219. to talk on and on pointlessly, without clear directionfanatical


  220. indifferentapathetic; showing little or no concern or care


  221. wanderingnovel


  222. ebullientfilled with a bubbly excitement, as if boiling over with excitement


  223. scrupulouscoarse-sounding; loud and unruly


  224. charyto praise or glorify; to lift up in status, dignity, or power


  225. very careful; fussy; finicky; fastidiousmeticulous


  226. grandiloquentusing big and fancy words when speaking for the purpose of impressing others


  227. to find fault; to be criticalplacate


  228. to spend money (or time) in a wasteful, uncaring fashonesteem


  229. warm and friendly; amiableunyielding


  230. to make better; to lessen pain, difficulty, or tensiondisdainful


  231. lassitudea tired feeling, usually resulting from depression or too much work


  232. to praise a person or event in a formal speech or in writing; to praise highlypanegyrize


  233. hatred; ill willanimosity


  234. labyrintha maze from which it is very hard to extricate or free oneself


  235. having great pride in oneself and dislike for otherssubordinate


  236. pertaining to an evil omen; forebodingalimentary


  237. lack of harmony; loud and unpleasant noise; a racketvapid


  238. prattlequality of being dull; an obvious remark uttered as if it were original


  239. claiming or pretending increased importance; ostentatious; affectedly grandobsequious


  240. deliciousavaricious


  241. unprecedentedto regard highly with love and respect


  242. prolificto pacify, soothe, or appease; to make less severe or violent


  243. accoladeabundant; plentiful; more than enough


  244. loud and noisy regarding one's own voice, especially shouting; demandingly clamorousstolid


  245. ostentatiousholding back from eating or drinking too much


  246. too forward or bold; overstepping proper boundspresumptuous


  247. to criticize stronglycensure


  248. having to do with extreme self-adoration and a feeling of superiority of everyonenarcissistic


  249. very generousmunificent


  250. philanthropicshowing a desire to help others by gibing gifts; charitable; humane


  251. antiquityancient times


  252. relating to speech that is used to persuade or have some effect; insincere in expressionlabyrinth


  253. rebukeemotionally distant and disinterested; aloof; uninvolved; distant, far away