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  1. 1558
  2. The Plague struck
  3. 1660
  4. 1611
  5. took care of the kids
  6. For profanity, heresy, and politics
  7. Shakespeare was 18 and Anne was 26 and already 3 months pregnant
  8. Someone you are very close to, like a spouse or close friend, or someone who is inferior to you, like a servant
  9. private, more expensive, galleries
  10. the Restoration
  11. thee, thou, thine, thy
  12. you were tied to a chair and lowered/dunked into the water
  13. 1596
  14. History and romance
  15. Based on historical events and allusions to the plays; records from the performances of the plays taken from diaries of contemporaries; publication dates of sources; dates that the plays appear in print
  16. They could easily get free entertainment, like public humiliations and punishments
  17. 18 of Shakespeare's plays in one compilation; hand-written and very expensive
  18. Wealthy people sat in the Lords' Rooms and groudlings stood in the Pit
  19. going out to school instead of being tutored at home
  20. 1599
  21. April 26, 1564
  22. John Heminges and Henry Condell
  23. 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 narrative poems
  24. 1597
  25. James Burbage and Shakespeare's acting company; relied on money from patrons
  26. where hounds would be let loose on a chained bear for public entertainment
  27. 1623
  28. were different for different seats, but the pit cost only one cent
  29. property of their parents
  30. 1642
  31. John Shakespeare, a glover and leadsmith, and Mary Arden, the daughter of a farmer
  32. the 2nd largest home in Stratford-upon-Avon; shows Shakespeare's success, power, and wealth
  33. 52
  34. 1585
  35. 1583
  36. 1567, first building built with the sole purpose for theatrical performance
  37. King James renamed Lord Chamberlain's men after the Plague struck
  38. 1625
  39. the main actor in Shakespeare's plays
  40. imitated human action
  41. were all male, wore masks
  42. the 4 humours: blood, phlegm, choler, and meloncholy; physical characteristics decided personality (physiognamy)
  43. identified by zodiac signs, ceiling of stage
  44. It was expensive and plays were property of the theaters, and they didn't want other theaters to be able to perform them
  45. where the groundlings stood and watched
  46. Storage above the Heavens that held a winch system for lowering people
  47. Not until 1660
  48. Made a law that said they could not be built within the city limits of London
  49. April 23, 1564
  50. tragic flaw; critical mistake; mistake that brings character to his downfall
  51. area under outer stage used for ghostly comings and goings and where the dead would go
  52. Noble children got schooling from private tutors
  53. 1613
  54. 1603
  55. The goal was to produce catharcism in the audience: a mix of pity and fear so they may be cleansed of this happening to them
  56. They are universal truths about the limits of human knowledge, individual free will, moral responsibility, and human suffering
  57. 2nd floor
  58. Dinner (11-12) and supper (6)
  59. tomatoes and chocolate
  60. having actors come and perform in your home
  61. smaller versions of adult clothes
  62. She was 3rd in line for the throne and everyone else died
  63. a round area where the chorus sang and danced
  64. criminals chained to the bridge and severed heads
  65. He attended grammar school at the King's New School, but not a university
  66. Athens, Thebes, Delphi, Sparta
  67. main playing area jutting out into the Pit
  68. 1613
  69. Religious ceremonies
  70. Letter writing
  71. For women who gossiped too much, put metal spikes in their mouth
  72. 1592
  73. bites from fleas that lived on rats
  74. 1592
  75. Prostitution
  76. Academy, alligator, leapfrog, lonely, critic
  77. They could not be seen
  78. was minimal and didn't change
  79. center of outer stage that led to Hell and could help determine if someone was good or bad after death
  80. translated from Latin to English in 1611 and is the most influential and best selling books ever
  81. located above stage to house musicians and spectators
  82. the plays took place in one day; sets didn't change; no violence was on stage; took stories from legends and myths; what happens because of something is more important than what actually happens
  83. 7:00-5:30
  84. 1585
  85. 1576; James Burbage; were about half of Shakespeare's plays were performed
  86. Lines with no punctuation at the end indicating to continue on the the next line with no pause
  87. She flirted with other people into doing what she wanted and getting her way
  88. dance; mediator between audience, represented common people, set the mood, interpreted what was going on, informed the audience of what would happen next
  89. they liked her because she improved London
  90. 1592
  91. Shakespeare's last great play that is proved he wrote on his own
  92. Julius Caesar was written
  93. high
  94. 1590
  95. recessed playing area that could be curtained off as needed
  96. gingerbread husbands
  97. Between Catholics and Protestants
  98. 45 years, starting in 1558
  99. Lines that have punctuation at the end of them to indicate a pause
  100. Oedipis Rex because it hits the goal of tragedy, catharsis
  101. drunk was forced to wear a barrel and walk through town
  102. Made of wood and thatch with an open roof; 3 stories; looked round; 3 stages (outer, upper, inner); natural lighting
  103. to show if there was a play that day
  104. The god of drinking, wine, fertility, festivals, music, theatre
  105. 1594
  106. April 23, 1616
  107. Rub the tail of a black cat on it
  108. Circular with a stage in the center so it was easy for everyone to hear and see
  109. They would get there early, eat food, hang out with friends
  110. The plays were universal; everyone could attend them; it was round; meant to represent Earth with Heaven and Hell
  111. 1596
  112. You had to get an Act of Parliament
  113. The scenery can't change, so it could help show where different scenes would take place
  114. Bowls (lawn bowling) and shuttlecock (badminton)
  115. Protestant
  116. They used to be more cruel
  117. Julius Caesar (1599-1600), Romeo and Juliet (1594-95), Hamlet (1600-01), Othello (1604-05), Macbeth (1605-06)
  118. 1594
  119. lack of sanitation, diet, exploration of the world
  120. 1582
  121. Mercer
  122. 1603
  123. There is no record of the first production date
  124. the husband's property
  125. apothecary
  126. He wasn't born into a class of nobility, but was pretty much in the middle. He worked his way up in social hierarchy as the years went on
  127. 15000 people per week
  128. Streets were disgusting, with feces and dead bodies all around, it smelled awful
  129. Blank verse: unrhymed iambic pentameter
  130. Aristotle, a philosopher and critic
  131. a jolly, lusty person
  132. Word that were used long ago, but not anymore
  133. The Plague, afraid of spread of disease, waste of time for workers, seen as sinful
  134. Greeks and Romans around 600BC
  135. a wooden post with a block on top and two holes in it for a person's head, hands, and feet to be put on display for public humiliation
  136. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Cincinnatus
  137. The basics of human nature
  138. At inns or on street corners
  139. Comedy and tragedy
  140. King James VI
  141. 1576
  142. They include archaic words, he used verbs and nouns and vice versa, grammar has changed, meanings of words have changed
  143. inflamed lymph nodes, bleeding lungs, etc
  144. Shakespeare and the Elizabethan/London theater scene
  145. the celebration after a boy got his first pair of pants
  146. Dancing, embroidery
  147. 2-3 hours
  148. Crete in 2000BC
  149. 1609
  150. The Virgin Queen