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  1. in/il/ir/im β†’ latin- within


  2. sci β†’ latin- know


  3. sub/suf/sug/sup/sus/su β†’ latin- below


  4. denotation β†’ definition from context clues


  5. plur/plus β†’ latin- more


  6. conjunction β†’ to combine words w an apostrophe (can't, don't, won't)


  7. phor β†’ to bear


  8. round β†’ complex (character)


  9. pend/pens β†’ latin- more


  10. contraction β†’ changing a word to match subject


  11. flat β†’ speak or say


  12. omniscient β†’ latin- all


  13. meta β†’ greek- beside


  14. clude/claude/claus/clus β†’ latin- shut/close


  15. para β†’ multiple


  16. subject β†’ speak or say


  17. logy β†’ latin- mark/sign/letter/note/paper


  18. conflict β†’ changes (character)


  19. de β†’ latin- down/away from/moving


  20. intro/intra β†’ latin- within


  21. tract/trah β†’ latin- within


  22. con/com/co/cat/cor β†’ latin- with


  23. chron β†’ to bear


  24. connotation β†’ definition from dictionary


  25. independent clause β†’ incomplete sentence


  26. dict β†’ speak or say


  27. omni β†’ complex (character)


  28. ent/ant β†’ simple (character)


  29. static β†’ likeness


  30. not β†’ latin- mark/sign/letter/note/paper


  31. flict/flig β†’ latin- joined


  32. tion/sion/ation/cion/ion β†’ latin- with


  33. dependent clause β†’ can be its own sentence


  34. simil β†’ likeness


  35. ject/jac/jec β†’ latin- throw/cast/lie


  36. junct/jung β†’ latin- joined


  37. plural β†’ greek- beside


  38. dynamic β†’ doesnt change (character)


  39. graph β†’ greek- write


  40. duct/duce/duc β†’ latin- throw/cast/lie