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  1. to weaken, to cripple
  2. the world in miniature
  3. to fully explain to make clean
  4. bitter long lasting ill will or resentment
  5. to open up a subject for discussion
  6. to treat with condensation
  7. abundantly productive, fruitful
  8. agonizing physical or mental pain
  9. a journey to a sacred place or shrine
  10. burdensome, oppressive
  11. a loud harsh or strident noise
  12. foolish, aimless talk
  13. doubtful truth
  14. courteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to
  15. proper, in good taste, orderly
  16. to overlook to permit to happen
  17. humorous, not serious
  18. joyously unrestrained
  19. layer, level of society (upper, middle, lower)
  20. malicious unjustifiable unprovoked
  21. lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of
  22. extremely poverish
  23. to instruct and improve morally or religiously
  24. to violate a law, to sin
  25. romantic or idealistic
  26. without liveliness or spirit
  27. oily, both literally and non literally
  28. unlucky
  29. isolated like an island