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  1. cacophonyto overlook to permit to happen


  2. transgressto violate a law, to sin


  3. wantonbitter long lasting ill will or resentment


  4. quixoticromantic or idealistic


  5. elucidateto weaken, to cripple


  6. broachto open up a subject for discussion


  7. unctuoushumorous, not serious


  8. prolificabundantly productive, fruitful


  9. microcosmproper, in good taste, orderly


  10. anguishagonizing physical or mental pain


  11. edifyextremely poverish


  12. penuryextremely poverish


  13. debilitatelessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of


  14. dubiousdoubtful truth


  15. vapidwithout liveliness or spirit


  16. haplesswithout liveliness or spirit


  17. stratumlayer, level of society (upper, middle, lower)


  18. facetiousoily, both literally and non literally


  19. pilgrimageto fully explain to make clean


  20. condonemalicious unjustifiable unprovoked


  21. onerousoily, both literally and non literally


  22. affablecourteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to


  23. ebullientto fully explain to make clean


  24. drivelfoolish, aimless talk


  25. rancormalicious unjustifiable unprovoked


  26. belittlelessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of


  27. patronizeto treat with condensation


  28. insularagonizing physical or mental pain


  29. decorousdoubtful truth