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  1. worsening decline

  2. mental disorder that often causes people to believe they are being persecuted; false sucspitions

  3. check or test for correctness confirm

  4. agreeable,pleasent

  5. return to an eairlier or less advanced condition

  6. explanitory or theory to be proved

  7. capable of being felt observed or understood

  8. fronts of buildings also means "false"fronts or apperences

  9. teasing by remaining unavalible or by withholding something desired by someone tempting

  10. Deceive

  11. Something that can disolve something else

  12. hide

  13. the accented vowel sounds and all sounds following them are repeated

  14. Marked by deprivation lacking the nessesities of life as adequite food and shelter

  15. 1.) the state or fact of being of kin; family relationship
    2.)relationship by nature, qualities,etc.affinity

  16. looking inward observing one's own thoughts and feelings