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  1. 19th century artistic movement that appealed to emotion rather than reason
  2. word choice
  3. arrangement, sentence structure
  4. the general temperament or feeling of someone
  5. a type of story where the main characters never progress
  6. a mystery; a difficult problem
  7. rhetoric that causes an emotional response
  8. emotional state caused by text
  9. a straight forward, literal, dictionary definition
  10. how literature sounds
  11. open, frank, straight-forward, blunt
  12. concerned with small or insignificant detail
  13. (...) words missing or time passing
  14. a short story meant to exemplify a larger point
  15. attributing all actions to selfish motives
  16. a picture or sign in rhetoric; or a statement rooted in fact
  17. to bring out, to call forth
  18. a short story to teach a moral lesson
  19. cultural meaning
  20. a characteristic, spirit, or identity of a community, culture or era
  21. A violent storm
  22. shy; modest; reserved
  23. persuasive speech or writing
  24. following a long or winding route
  25. anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing's good qualities
  26. when the opposite of what is expected happens
  27. to come to a conclusion by logic or reason
  28. statement of implied truth
  29. extreme exaggeration for dramatic effect
  30. the change in tone over a word/ sentence
  31. catalyst in literature
  32. The act of perceiving or knowing
  33. a term that expresses an extreme condition of quality
  34. someone who acts as assistant; offering or providing help
  1. a deduce
  2. b irony
  3. c ellipsis
  4. d tempest
  5. e syntax
  6. f logos
  7. g evoke
  8. h romanticism
  9. i cynical
  10. j connotation
  11. k inflection
  12. l warrant
  13. m rhetoric
  14. n foil
  15. o disposition
  16. p agent
  17. q tone
  18. r anecdote
  19. s pathos
  20. t denotation
  21. u diffident
  22. v parable
  23. w auxiliary
  24. x cognition
  25. y hyperbole
  26. z pedantic
  27. aa circuitous
  28. ab enigma
  29. ac picaresque
  30. ad superlative
  31. ae diction
  32. af mood
  33. ag ingenuous
  34. ah ethos