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  • Arduous adjective

    difficult and strenouous

    Paramount adjective

    Greatest dominant

    Implore verb

    to beg for earnestly for; to pray for

    Severance noun


    espouse verb

    to adopt

    Waive verb

    to pass up; to surrender

    Incendiary adjective

    flammable; combustable

    Inept adjective

    Unskilled; untrained

    quirk noun

    Peculiarly; oddity

    Concur verb

    To agree; to coincide

    improvident adjective

    wasteful or careless

    Requisite adjective

    Necessary; needed

    Affidavit noun

    Deposition; sworn; statement

    Amiable adjective

    Friendly; likable

    Consolidate verb

    To unite

    Intrepid adjective

    fearless; Brave

    zest Noun

    spirit; liveliness

    Nascent adjective

    Coming into; existence; beginning

    Zealous adjective

    eager; earnest

    dissent Noun

    disagreement; dispute

    Allege verb

    To maintain

    aggrieve verb

    to treat unjustly; to mistreat

    Oracle noun

    Soothsayer Prophet

    wistful adjective

    Dreamy; melancholy

    defray verb

    To pay for; To bear the cost of

    Virulent adjective

    extrememley poisonous; Harmful

    Magnanimous adjective

    Merciful; forgiving

    illusory adjective

    Misleading; deceptive

    Vehement adjective

    vigorous; earnest

    expedient noun

    resource; device

    traduce verb

    To speak ill of, to slander

    diverge verb

    to depart, to separate

    apprise verb

    to inform, to notify

    manifest verb

    to show, to display

    extol verb

    to praise, to laud

    banal adjective

    overused, trite

    exonerate verb

    to free of blame, to acquit

    fester verb

    to rot, to ulcerate

    miasma noun

    stench, strong smell

    fabricate verb

    to make up, to falsify

    brigand noun

    a bandit, an outlaw

    admonish verb

    to warn, to advise

    penance noun

    penalty, punishment

    litigate verb

    to contest in court, to contend

    liguidate verb

    to close out, to sell out

    bewilder verb

    to befuddle, to confuse

    enervate verb

    to weaken, to deprive of vigor

    warrant noun

    arrest authorization, seizure justification

    alimentary adjective

    nutritious, wholesome

    vexatious adjective

    annoying, bothersome

    befuddle verb

    to confuse, to stupefy

    Morose adjective

    sullen; gloomy

    adjudge verb

    to decree; to ordain; to consider

    accomplice noun

    partner in crime, contributor

    prognosis noun

    prediction, forecast

    scanty adjective

    meager, sparse

    terse adjective

    concise, brief

    adventitious adjective

    extraneous, not inherent, extra (not requisit)

    rummage verb

    to search, to hunt

    synopsis noun

    outline, abstract

    intrigue noun

    a plot; a scheme

    ebullient adjective

    exuberant; high spirited

    craven adjective

    timid; cowardly

    leeward adjective

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