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  • conflict

    a struggle or clash between opposing characters or forces


    The good guy


    a person or animal that takes part in a story

    falling action

    a brief series of events leading to the resoulution


    time and place where the story takes place


    the most emotional or suspenseful part of the story


    process of revealing the personality of a character


    the attitude a writer takes toward the audience

    third person limited point of veiw

    the narrater focuses on only the thoughts and feeling of one character


    overall emotion

    static or flat character

    one who doesn't change much

    dynamic or round character

    a character who changes


    a way of speaking that is characteristic of a particular region


    an uncertainty you feel about what will happen

    third person omniscent

    an all knowing narrater that knows everything about all the characters


    a person place or thing that has its own meaning

    types of conflict

    character vs character
    character vs nature
    character vs society
    character vs fantasy


    ordinary form of written language


    when the characters problems are solved and the story ends


    prose writing that deals with real things

    rising action

    the steps a character takes to resolve the conflict


    a contrast between expectation and reality


    series of related events that make up a story

    external conflict

    a character against some outside force


    a story to be written to be acted out to an audience


    the truth about life revealed in a work of literature


    tells us who the characters are and what their conflict is


    the bad guy


    A prose account that is made up rather than true

    internal conflict

    one that takes place in ones mind

    flash back

    an interruption in the action of the plot to tell what happened at some earlier time

    first person point of veiw

    one of the characters is telling the story

    point of veiw

    the vantage point from which the story is told


    the voice telling the story


    a use of clues to tell the future


    a kind of rhythmic compress language that uses figures of speech to appeal to emotion

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