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  1. This food is bad.
  2. Do you have?
  3. I know how to play guitar.
  4. Do you want to borrow from me?
  5. Coffee is hot.
  6. Is this seat taken?
  7. What would you like to have?
  8. there's all, that's it
  9. Can you lend me some money?
  10. to clean, I clean
  11. early, late
  12. What is the book like?
  13. Can you open the window?
  14. What is that (thing)?
  15. Sorry that I'm bothering.
  16. Are you going to be all right?
  17. to know how to do something
  18. Don't disturb!
  19. to play (sports, games)
  20. Can I get you (can there be) something else?
  21. to open
  22. It's coffee.
  23. What is that (stuff)?
  24. to manage, to be fine
  25. May I open the window?
  26. That's enough, thanks.
  27. menu, dessert, bill
  28. It's hot in here.
  29. This book is boring.
  30. I don't know how to play tennis.
  31. to need
  32. I play (sports, games)
  33. Interesting!
  34. Something to drink?
  35. usually
  36. One of that kind, one of those
  37. When do you wake up?
  38. You say! You tell me!
  39. to borrow, to lend
  40. to wake up
  41. What is the coffee like?
  42. What do you need?
  43. What do you want to do?
  44. What are you doing next Saturday?
  45. to be enough
  46. I wake up
  47. Finnish food is good.
  48. I can, I know how to do something
  49. to disturb
  50. A glass of water.