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  1. I can't see anything.
  2. sometimes, often, always
  3. Don't you study Finnish?
  4. Over there.
  5. What do you study?
  6. What's the day today?
  7. What's your phone number?
  8. Which country are you from?
  9. Get up!
  10. a fish, a chicken, a cat, a dog, a bear
  11. Can you drive? Are you able to drive?
  12. What is this?
  13. Do you speak Finnish?
  14. What's your address?
  15. It's half past seven.
  16. What do you eat in the morning?
  17. hospital, a bus stop, a park
  18. What's your name?
  19. How much does this cost?
  20. What's your mother tongue?
  21. It's on the right. It's on the left.
  22. Wash your hands.
  23. Why do you study Finnish?
  24. Can I bring something?
  25. What did you eat in the morning?
  26. I can pay.
  27. Who was that?
  28. Do you drink green tea?
  29. What's your profession?
  30. Go to the right first, then to the left.
  31. Who's that man?
  32. What will you do tomorrow?
  33. Do you drink beer? Do you (plural) drink beer?
  34. What time it is?
  35. Excuse me, but where is the nearest post office?
  36. Do you eat meat?
  37. Shall we walk together?
  38. to drink, to eat, to do, to see
  39. Speak slowly.
  40. I don't understand if you speak so fast.
  41. I'm going to work.
  42. Do you want white wine or red wine?
  43. Whom do you love?
  44. bread, cheese, porridge, yogurt
  45. What are you doing?
  46. At at time will you go to the store?
  47. How much did it cost?
  48. to come, to study, to walk
  49. Whats for food?
  50. Where do you live?
  51. Do you know how to drive a car?
  52. How are you?
  53. What kind of a family do you have?
  54. What do you do for a hobby?
  55. Say something.
  56. three Finnish men
  57. What did you do last week?
  58. What are you doing?
  59. What's your home country?
  60. Very interesting!
  61. Buy fat free milk and Greek yogurt.
  62. It's five o'clock.
  63. Where do you study?
  64. I work at the university.
  65. How's it going?
  66. Don't go yet.
  67. Whose book is this?
  68. Don't run.
  69. At what time will we meet?
  70. You're not allowed to smoke here.