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  1. See you soon... in days or weeks

  2. It's not going fine

  3. How's it going? (remember ? mark)

  4. I'm exhausted (male speaking)

  5. See you Monday

  6. I'm exhausted (female speaking)

  7. It's going badly

  8. Whatever

  9. Hello (good day)

  10. Hi or Bye (strictly informal)

  11. Have a good day

  12. It's going so-so

  13. Hey (strictly informal)

  14. It's going terribly (literal is "not terrible, but translated as "terribly")

  15. Good bye (until we see each other again)

  16. Bye (Italian word)

  17. It's going super

  18. Until next time

  19. See you tomorrow

  20. I'm doing awesome (I'm in great shape/tip-top form)

  21. See you later

  22. Have a good week-end

  23. It's going very badly

  24. (It's going) fine

  25. It's going well

  26. See you soon... within hours

  27. Hello again