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  1. acmevyou put clothing X on Y


  2. q'nosavbeard


  3. it'aneyebrow


  4. tavs ipxanyou scratch your head


  5. logins igebyou make up a bed for yourself


  6. mk'lavs iğrjobyou sprain your arm


  7. tmas iğebavyou scratch your head


  8. xdi/ixdiyou bear X patiently


  9. c'verieyebrow


  10. ixurav/axuravyou wrap clothing X round self/Y


  11. muc'uk's irc'q'avyou shave (your beard)


  12. icvamyou win (a match)


  13. logins agebyou make up a bed for yourself


  14. imarďvebyou gain a victory


  15. tmas ivarcxniyou comb your hair


  16. ic'q'ebyou begin


  17. šubliyou win (a match)


  18. c'arbebs ič'muxniyou shave (your beard)


  19. isxam/asxamyou wrap clothing X round self/Y


  20. agebyou win (a match)


  21. tmas ik'reč'you cut your hair


  22. q'urs ičičkniyou clean out your ear


  23. šubls ik'ravyou endure X


  24. cxvirs ixocavyou scratch your head


  25. c'arbieyebrow


  26. igebyou win (a match)


  27. (c'vers) i-p'arsavyou frown


  28. q'urs ičxrek'you clean out your ear


  29. itmenyou listen to X


  30. gemovnebyou listen to X


  31. ismenyou listen to X