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  1. doll
  2. I will help you.
  3. Do you like it?
  4. It's time to take a nap.
  5. Do you want....?
  6. Did you have a bad dream?
  7. We will take good care of you.
  8. a bottle
  9. Let's get dressed.
  10. Show me where it hurts.
  11. Let's clean up, please.
  12. I won't leave you.
  13. gentle dear
  14. Do you want me to hold you?
  15. Let's comb your hair.
  16. Are you OK?
  17. owie/injury
  18. Sleep well.
  19. Good night.
  20. Do you need help?
  21. You don't need to be afraid.
  22. This is a shot.
  23. It's bedtime.
  24. This won't hurt.
  25. juice
  26. Are you hot?
  27. Please stay in your bed.
  28. We'll eat more later.
  29. Share, please.
  30. Let's pray.
  31. Don't worry.
  32. Let's play!
  33. I am here with you.
  34. Do you need to go poo-poo?
  35. Please don't go pee-pee/poo-poo in your pants.
  36. ball
  37. We are very happy you are part of our family.
  38. Let's wash your hands.
  39. Good job!
  40. We will be there soon.
  41. Delicious/This tastes good!
  42. toys
  43. Let me kiss it.
  44. You are my daughter.
  45. Where does it hurt?
  46. You are safe.
  47. It's time for a bath.
  48. This will make you feel better.
  49. We/I love you a lot!
  50. Do you want me to stay with you a little while?
  51. I am very proud of you.
  52. Are you finished?
  53. This is your brother.
  54. Are you thirsty?
  55. Give it back, please.
  56. Are you tired?
  57. See you in the morning!
  58. I am your mother.
  59. a snack
  60. Would you like to go pley?
  61. We will look for a bathroom.
  62. You are very precious.
  63. This is your sister.
  64. Can you do it by yourself?
  65. I am your father.
  66. book
  67. I'll be right back.
  68. Would you like to go outside to play?
  69. milk
  70. I love you.
  71. You are my son.
  72. Can I give you a kiss?
  73. Let's brush your teeth.
  74. We are going to ride in a car.
  75. You are very pretty/handsome.
  76. You are very smart.
  77. This is the doctor.
  78. Let's eat!
  79. What is your nickname?
  80. my child
  81. Let's go!
  82. We are going to ride in an airplane.
  83. Are you cold?
  84. dear
  85. Is it too dark?
  86. I'll look for a band-aid.
  87. You are a good helper!
  88. car
  89. Do you need me to change your diaper?
  90. Can I have a hug?
  91. Can you give me a kiss?
  92. I will never stop loving you.
  93. It's OK/Everything is good.
  94. I'm sorry you don't feel well.
  95. Do you need to go pee-pee?
  96. Do you want more?
  97. blanket
  98. Are you sick?
  99. I will sing a song for you.
  100. You are wonderful.
  101. You are very special.
  102. This might hurt a little, but I am here with you.
  103. I missed you.
  104. Are you hungry?
  105. water
  106. Can I give you a hug?
  107. You are going to live with us.