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  1. Haitian Revolution starts with slave uprising in August.
  2. He was elected president of the Southern Pepublic part of the Island after the country split.
  3. With the French.
  4. A Slave uprising in August 1791, in the Northen part of Saint Domingue.
  5. Rochambeau.
  6. French Commissioner who abolished slavered in Haiti in 1793. He was a french abolitionist in control of 7,000 French troops in Saint Domingue. Sent with 7,000 troops to control slave uprising after first slave revolt in August 1791.
  7. The Plantation system.
  8. Writer of philosophical pamphlets what where distributed during the revolution.
    Wrote Progress of prejudice...
  9. Easter side of Hispañola island and a Spanish colony.
  10. A leader of the Haitian Revolution, President of Haiti After Christophe and Petion. Reunited North and South.
  11. in 1793
  12. To fund his wars in Europe
  13. Napoleon's brother in law, Charles Leclerc.
  14. He sells the Territory of Louisiana for 15 million dollars. or 60 million francs
  15. He declares independence for Saint Domingue in Januery 1st of 1804
  16. Toussaint L'Ouverture and Jean Jacques Dessaline. Both former slaves & Petion and Christophe
  17. 10,000 white deaths
  18. In 1818.
  19. In 1790 OCTOBER
  20. British leave Haitian territory
  21. Haiti
  22. France wasn't allowing it to trade.
  23. Around the time Dessaline and Leclerc where fighting. 1802
  24. In 1801
  25. In 1794
  26. 40,000 troops
  27. Giving western side of hispanola to France.
  28. One that reinstates slavery where it has not disappeared.
  29. In May 1794
  30. Toussaint L'Ouverture makes a Constitution and declares himself governor for life.
  31. He asks for reinforcement in order to defeat Dessaline.
    But Napoleon ignores him.
  32. The amount of troops sent with Charles Leclerc to take back island from Toussaint L'Ouverture after he named himself governor for life.
  33. Leader of the Haitian Revolution and fought for equality. Was gifted in Military and turned the slave society into an independent black state.
    He switched alliances between Spain to France according to convenience, then turned to slave side.
    Died of malnutrition in France after being captured by Napoleon when he discovered T.L. named himself governor of Haiti for life.
  34. He sends Charles Leclerc (brother in law) with 40,000 troops to take back the island from Toussaint L'Ouverture.
  35. Boukman Dutty?
  36. Institutes a Constituion.
    Declares himself governor for life.
  37. 150 million Francs. but paired 90 mill
  38. Sugar, the sugar cane.
  39. Took place from 1789 till 1799, where people revolted against the French monarchy.
  40. Sonthonax abolishes slavery in Saint Domingue (August).
    France goes back to war with Great Britain.
  41. French philosopher who helped write "A Hisotry of the Two Indies"
  42. Jean Jacques Dessalines
  43. In 1947
  44. French person who wrote TL's life.
  45. The white population of Saint Domingue.
  46. TL's Godfather who educated him.
  47. April 1792.
  48. 28-30,000 free non-whites.
  49. Because Rochambeau was ignored by Napoleon and didn't have enough resources.
  50. Not happy because he looses 500,000 slaves and colony becomes less profitable.
  51. Free man of color who returned to Haiti in 1790 from France, got Enlightenment ideas. He was the first leader of the slave revolts starting in 1790.
  52. He was a voodoo priest in Haiti. Haitian slave who conducted a ceremony in which freedom was assured.
  53. No
  54. No it was only recognized in 1825.
  55. Voodoo.
  56. The French Revolution
  57. Under terms of Treaty of Ryswick, western side of Hispanola was given to the French.
  58. 380,000 people.
  59. It have all free people of color full citizenship. 1792
  60. It was made by President Boyer, influenced by the french law and it had codes of criminal and civil laws. The rural population had limited rights. Women were under father or brother.
  61. Vincent Ogé in 1790, failed and executed.
  62. Haiti paid its 90 million francs of debt to France.
  63. Abbe Raynal
  64. French Enlightenment writer. TL read lots of his work and got ideas from him to add to the revolution.
    His most famous piece was "A history of the Two Indies"
  65. 15 million dollars at the time or 60 million francs.
  66. October 17 of 1806.
  67. Western half of the Island of Hispañola. Now a days Haiti.
    Most profitable slave colony in the world.
  68. Ogé was captured and executed.
  69. 32,000.
    24,000 died
    8,000 very wounded
  70. 1801
  71. The French government that freed the slaves in 1794
  72. One of Toussaint L'Ouverture's right hand man who switched to fight with Leclerc. Later he became a leader of the Haitian Revolution.
    Former slave.
  73. Desaline was assassinated in October 17 of 1806
  74. He has Napoleonic wars in Europe.
  75. Pierre Baptiste
  76. Dessaline was killed. October 17
  77. The national convention
  78. Died of malnutrition in a prison in France
  79. Dessaline declares Saint Domingue' independence in January 1st 1804.
  80. Whites under the Gens de Couleur.
  81. In January 1st of 1804
  82. He found out that other island around La Hispañola had slavery reinstated by the French.
  83. Legislative Assembly giving all colored free men citizenship. APRIL
  84. 500,000 slaves
  85. Because the governor of Saint Domingue ignored that all proprietors where active citizens
  86. Julien Raymond
  87. 60,000 french troops died.
  88. Around 24,000
  89. For property loss. (land and slaves).
  90. Founded in April 1792, gave full citizen ship to all free people of color
  91. Free colored people who owned land. There were about 28-30,000 of them in Saint Domingue.
  92. In 1825
  93. He got a stroke and then killed himself after having sex with a man.
  94. Toussaint L'Ouverture. The former slave.
  95. The island in the Caribbean were Haiti is located.
  96. Leader of the Haitian Revolution.
    Captured santo domingo (took part)
    He governed the Kingdom of the North of the Island after the Island split. in 1811.
  97. Vincent Ogé leads revolt.
  98. 1789
  99. Supporting slave cause
  100. 100,000 deaths of blacks
  101. The number of slaves in Saint Domingue
  102. French leader who replaced Leclerc who died from yellow fever.
  103. The population of free men of color.
  104. To reinstate it when the time was right. in 1802
  105. They had a common fear of him.
  106. Charles Leclrec is sent by Napoleon to take back the island.
    Napoleon signs law that reinstates slavery where it has not completely disapeared. (May)
    JULY, Toussaint L'Ouverture captured
  107. Charles Leclrer tricks him into thinking that they will negotiate and sends him back to France.
  108. He tricks him into thinking they are going to get to an agreement and sends him back to France.
  109. The French recognized Haiti's Independece
  110. White elites, mostly plantation owners. There where 40,000 of them in Saint Domingue
  111. Toussaint L'Ouverture joins the French (May). And is against Spain.
  112. Vincent Ogé
  113. 40,000 whites
  114. Napoleon signs law that reinstates slavery where i has not disappeared.
  115. Dessaline
  116. Virus spread by fever mosquito, fatal.
  117. August 1791 with first slave uprising in the North
  118. From the yellow fever.
  119. August 1791
  1. a How did Christophe die?
  2. b What was the mayor cash crop in Saint Domingue?
  3. c What did Boukman Dutty's sermon cause?
  4. d When was Dessaline assassinated?
  5. e When does france go back to war with Great Britain?
  6. f What does Napoleon do to raise funds for his wars in Europe?
  7. g Why does Napoleon sell Louisiana in 1803?
  8. h What happened to Haiti while it wasn't recognized by France.
  9. i What happened when Ogé's revolt was unsuccessful?
  10. j What happened in 1804?
  11. k What happened in 1798?
  12. l What happened in 1794?
  13. m What happened in 1801.
  14. n Who was Boyer.
  15. o What was 40,000 (war)?
  16. p How does Napoleon feel about Toussaint L'Ouverture being governor.
  17. q What was the population in Haiti after the Revolution.
  18. r Whats one reason that Napolean ignores Rochambeau?
  19. s Was Haiti economically well after declaring its independence?
  20. t What was the Treaty of Ryswick?
  21. u How French troops died?
  22. v What happens in 1802?
  23. w Who wrote "A History of the Two Indies"
  24. x What does Dessaline do after defeating Rochambeau?
  25. y What happened in 1790?
  26. z How does Charles Leclerc Capture Toussaint L'Ouverture?
  27. aa Who was Julien Raymond.
  28. ab When did the yellow fever arrive?
  29. ac Who was the main leader of the Haitian Revolution?
  30. ad What was 500,000?
  31. ae Who took charge of rebel army after Toussaint L'Ouverture was captured?
  32. af How many black deaths were there?
  33. ag Who was John R. Beard.
  34. ah What was Santo Domingo?
  35. ai Who were the Grand Blancs?
  36. aj When did the Haitian Revolution begin?
  37. ak What happened in 1792?
  38. al Who replaced Leclerc after dying from the yellow fever?
  39. am Who lead the sermon that caused the slave uprising in August 1791?
  40. an When was the debt to France paid off?
  41. ao Who was Rochambeua?
  42. ap What was the French Revolution?
  43. aq How many slaves where there in Saint Domingue?
  44. ar Who were the Petit Blancs?
  45. as What was the national convention?
  46. at Who did Toussaint L'Ouverture joint to fight with in May 1794?
  47. au What does Rochambeau ask Napolean?
  48. av Who were the gens de coleur?
  49. aw How did Rochambeau unify the slaves and free men of color?
  50. ax When did Toussaint L'Ouverture make a Constitution?
  51. ay Who wrote "gentlemen a prejudice too long..."
  52. az What happened to Dessaline after the Haitian Revolution?
  53. ba What was Saint Domingue?
  54. bb What was the Rural code of 1826
  55. bc How many white deaths were there?
  56. bd Who wrote pamphlets that were distributed during the revolution?
  57. be What was 40,000 (population)?
  58. bf What happened in 1947
  59. bg When the national convention free the slaves?
  60. bh What was the name if he French government that freed the slaves ?
  61. bi What was the Legislative Assembly?
  62. bj Who was the first person to revolt in the Haitian revolution?
  63. bk How many whites where there in Saint Domingue?
  64. bl When did Toussaint L'Ouverture join the French?
  65. bm What happened in 1697?
  66. bn How did Leclerc die?
  67. bo Why did Dessaline take up arms against Leclerc?
  68. bp What happened in 1806?
  69. bq Who was sent with 40,000 troops to take back the island from Toussaint L'Ouverture?
  70. br What does Dessaline name Saint Domingue after declaring its independence?
  71. bs What number was 28-30,000?
  72. bt What happened in 1825?
  73. bu What did Boyer try restore?
  74. bv Who was Vincent Ogé?
  75. bw How much did Napolean sell Louisiana for?
  76. bx When was the French Revolution?
  77. by Who was Henry Christophe?
  78. bz When does Saint Domingue declare its independence?
  79. ca Who was Diderot?
  80. cb When was the Legislative Assembly founded?
  81. cc What happened in 1789?
  82. cd What was Hispañola?
  83. ce How is Toussaint L'Ouverture captured?
  84. cf Who was Sonthonax?
  85. cg What did Napoleon tell his brother in law about reinstating slavery.
  86. ch How many of Leclerc's troops where affected by the yellow fever.
  87. ci What does Napoleon do after Toussaint L'Ouverture declares himself governor?
  88. cj Who was Jean Jacques Dessalines?
  89. ck What does Toussaint L'Ouverture do in 1801.
  90. cl Who was TL's Godfather?
  91. cm What happens in May 1802
  92. cn Who was Petion?
  93. co When was Charles Leclrec sent to Saint Domingue?
  94. cp When was Haiti's Independence recognized by the French?
  95. cq Who was Boukman Dutty?
  96. cr When did Vincent Ogé revolt?
  97. cs How much debt did Haiti owe France?
  98. ct Who where to leaders of the Haitian Revolution?
  99. cu What was the yellow fever?
  100. cv Who was Pierre Baptiste
  101. cw Did the French recognize Haiti's independence when it was declared?
  102. cx Who was Abbe Raynal?
  103. cy Why is Dessaline able to beat Rochambeau?
  104. cz What happened in 1793?
  105. da Who was Toussaint L'Ouverture?
  106. db When was the slave uprising by Dutty?
  107. dc What did the Legislative Assembly do?
  108. dd When did Petion die?
  109. de How many troops where sent to take back the island after Toussaint L'Ouverture became governor?
  110. df What law does Napoleon sing in May 1802?
  111. dg What happened in 1791?
  112. dh "Societe Amis de Noirs"
  113. di How may free men of color where there in Saint Domingue?
  114. dj How did Toussaint L'Ouverture die?
  115. dk Why did Haiti owe France 90 million francs of debt.
  116. dl What was the mayor religion in Haiti?
  117. dm How many troops did Leclerc loose to the yellow fever?
  118. dn Which of Toussaint L'Ouverture's man joined Leclerc?
  119. do Why did Vincent Ogé revolt?