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  1. sacred vodou initiation room into which one walks backward
  2. Several days of preparations. ounyo arrive and spend the day preparing for the "Antre kanzo"
    they learn secrets
  3. big good angel: divine particle and breath of life in all beings.
  4. A religion that requires you to become initiated.
  5. vodou lwa represented by storms, wind, lightning , thunder, and earthquakes. served in dan, petwo, rada rits. terrestrial and aquatic.
  6. ritual protective Vodou bath or any rubbing on the body with magic liquids for health or luck
  7. Etmologically related to diable (devil) or sometimes reference to malicious , mean, difficult, or mischievous Vodou lwa.
  8. lwa is served in the Danwonmen , petwo and rada rites. associated with bodies of water. known for healing. represented by a large crab
  9. 1. A vodou rite and lwa of life and death.
    2.As decider of life and death, Gede are seen as good and bad.
    3.Gede lwa are cold, when they possess people they warm themselves up by rubbing hot pepper on their bodies, faces. And drink 21 pepper infused rum.
    4.White powder of their face.
    5. Mischievous and obscene.
    6.They are the protector of children
    7.Can heal you if you are near death.
    8.Called last during vodou ceremonies.
  10. 1. lwa who rules grossroads and paths, as the guardian of all entries.
    2. Legba is served in the Danwonmen, Kongo, Nago, Petwo, Zando and in particular Rada rites.
    3. One of the most important lwa in vodou mythology because he allows humankind to communicat with God and all other lwa.
    4. Many Vodou followers identify Legba with Saint Lazarus.
    5.Old man with a beard and white hair who is leaning on a crutch and whose wounds are liked by stray dogs.
    6.Smokes a long terracotta pipe.
    7. His broad hat protects the lwa from the sun.
  11. 1. Danbala Wedo along with Ayida Wedo were the first lwa created by God.
    2. Represent conception , birth, life, family, love, sexuality, fertility , inspiration, good fortune, movement , continuity, harmony, wisdom and destiny.
    3.Like white eggs.
    4. When possessed servants manifest snake like movements.
    5.Represented by Saint Patrick
  12. hatian diaspora , is a shop of vodou supplies.
  13. Cholera, epidemic broke out in 2010
  14. represented by sea and all islands, his ship in his veve is called Imamou.
  15. crossroads where two paths meet. the domain of Legba.
  16. lwa of life and death and guardian of cemeteries
  17. 1. vodou Lwa of the temples, markets, public places, doors , gates, and roads.
    2.In vodou mythology she is the wife of Loko
    3. Ayzan is the protector of ritual purity and defender of morality.
    4. Linked to fresh water
    5.She rest in the royal palm and metiyen beni.
    6.She is considered one of the most ancient lwa.
    7.her veve is traced in corn or white flour.
    8. Those possessed by her consume no alcohol.
  18. to baptize
  19. lwa of agriculture and farmers and the protector of travelers.
  20. good little angel; part of the human mind dedicated to thought, agency, awareness and memory
  21. represented by bull with three horns.
  22. to consecrate an object or be initiated. ritual seclusion for novices undergoing the kanzo initiation.
  23. highest ranked vodou initiate
  24. lwa rides the mind like a horse . they are mounted
  25. 1. Mother of all Petwo lwa.
    2. Dark blue attire, and red scarf
    3. Symbolic role in Bwa Kayiman ceremony and the Haitian revolution and as the "mother of freedom"
    4. Protects mothers and children
    5.Missing tongue because french soldiers cut it out during Haitian revolution.
    6.Sacrifice of black pig
    7.offer he jewelry , dresses , scarves, perfume cigarrettes and rum.
  26. chief assistant or master of ceremonies to a Vodou priest, he carries a machette and is followed by to female assistants with a flag of ogou and the temples flag
  27. tireless general and warrior for the Haitian people who declared the independence of Haiti from france on January 1. 1804 . religious freedom
  28. is a burial vault
  29. lwa of medicinal plants and leaves who is associated with healing.Lwa of trees and forests
  30. name of a Kongo King.
  31. refer to lwa , term used to refer to AFrica
  32. 1.Bawon Samdi
    2.Bawon Simitye
    3.Bawon Lakwa
    4.Grann Brijit
    5.Gede Nibo
  33. 1. Short and repeated
    2. Chorus and verse. call and response Lead singer and chorus.
    3. Compressed and coded.
  34. prefix for respected Vodou leaders
  35. vodou lwa of thunder. double headed ax
  36. the cross symbol in Vodou
  37. goblin or type of vodou spirit with negative attributes
  38. vodou rite and secret society, many Haitians assert that Bizango are involved in evildoing; maybe more folklore than fact
  39. largest of all rada drums, up to 2 meter tall
  40. sacred place where the family ancestors are buried.
  41. August 14 1791, a prelimiinary meeting with slave leaders from more than a hundred plantation. where boukman and cecile fatimann presided over a ceremony . sacrificed a black pig
  42. name of a dangerous lwa. criminal and bloodthirsty.
  43. the king of Dohomey and today a lwa. 1724
  44. 1. Importance of serving lwa
    2. History / african origins of Vodou
    3. Culture / organization
    4. Broadly philosophy/ world view
    5. nature / healing.
    6. Apologetics (defense of Vodou)
    7. Songs about Vodouist / Objects/ symbols
    8. Family, community , spiritual family
    9. Conflict and conflict resolution
    10. Vodou-catholic songs
  45. water.
  46. whip used in Petwo rceremonies to attract Lwa.
  47. vodou ceremonial flag or banner, symbolic decorative flag
  48. "God" is the supreme being in Vodou
  49. ritual gesture , vaporizing mouthfuls of water, alcohol, or perfume. to consecrate ritual space.
  50. struggle between th ti bonnanj and lwa over possession of a vodouist chwal
  51. making and wearing hats composed of torn palm strips that cover the face of ounyo in ounsi initiation period
  52. 1. Articulation of themes and mythology
    2. Invocaiton or calling of lwa
    3. Response and prayer
    4. Correspond w support what is happening in ceremony
    5. Leave taking or signal farewell to the lwa
    6. Reproach or satire, social commentary.
  53. leaves, plants, herbs that are used for healing and ritual in vodou.
  54. powerful lwa and associated with storms thunder , lightning. belongs to the group Ogou.
  55. ritual praise acclamation of the rada rite
  56. name of lwa and a people from Kongo region and hence a part of petwo rite
  57. initiation led by ougan or manbo. involves isolation and is the path to knowledge.
  58. cermony ends the period of seclusion in ounsi initiation . Clay or metal pots containing ritual food consecrated to specific lwa.
  59. Ranks 1. Hougan asogue, Mabo 2. ounsi sou pwen 3. ounsi kanzo semp.
    Initiation - antre kanzo
  1. a botanika
  2. b Kafou
  3. c Dan Petwo
  4. d Bosou
  5. e Describe Ayizan
  6. f kouche "sleep"
  7. g demanbre
  8. h Kolera
  9. i laplas
  10. j What is the structure of Vodou songs?
  11. k Chango
  12. l asogwe
  13. m Agwe Tawoyo
  14. n What are the themes found in Vodou songs?
  15. o Describe Exili Danto
  16. p What is are the functions of Vodou songs?
  17. q foula
  18. r boule zen
  19. s Agasou Gnenen
  20. t Most notable members of the Gede family.
  21. u chwal
  22. v kavo
  23. w beny
  24. x kanzo
  25. y asoto
  26. z ayibobo
  27. aa fwet
  28. ab dlo
  29. ac Bwa Kayiman
  30. ad Describe Legba
  31. ae gwo bonnanj
  32. af batize
  33. ag ti bonnanj
  34. ah djevo
  35. ai baka
  36. aj fey (leaves)
  37. ak Ginen
  38. al Describe the Gede
  39. am Bondye
  40. an lakwa
  41. ao Ebyoso
  42. ap dyab
  43. aq Kadya Bosou
  44. ar Azaka mede
  45. as Agawou
  46. at boumba
  47. au What is initiatory religion?
  48. av Ati
  49. aw chire ayizan
  50. ax What is Vodou initiation and its ranks?
  51. ay Lenglensou
  52. az Describe Danbala Wedo
  53. ba Describe elements of the "antre kanzo" ceremony?
  54. bb Dessalines
  55. bc drapo
  56. bd Loko
  57. be debatman
  58. bf Bizango
  59. bg Bawon Samdi