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  1. fourty thousand
  2. From tip of middle finger to tip of other middle finger with hands outstretched
  3. fourty
  4. eight
  5. one
  6. four thousand
  7. five
  8. Shaka-from point of pinky to point of thumb
  9. From tip of pointer finger to bottom of pointer finger.
  10. four hundred
  11. nine
  12. From tip of middle finger to bottom of palm; also from tip of pointer finger to tip of thumb when in shape of L
  13. four
  14. seven
  15. From fingertip of one outstretched arm to the elbow of the other folded arm
  16. four
  17. two
  18. From point of middle finger to elbow; used to space kalo in the mala
  19. Middle of chest to end of outstretched hand
  20. ten
  21. six
  22. four hundred thousand
  23. three