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  1. - US President John Tyler recognizes Hawaiian independence
    - King Leopold of Belgium recognizes Hawaiian independence and agrees to help gains support from Britain and France
  2. Hawai'i
  3. Queen Liliuokalani made an Agreement for the US President to administer Hawaiian Kingdom law
  4. Is going to surf at Sandys
  5. - taken over by Great Britain
    - Lord Paulet wants to take over Hawai'i
    - King Kamehameha III gives up Hawaii's sovereignty under protest but they give Hawai'i back
  6. - jurisdiction over territory and population
    States must have:
    - government
    - permanent population
    - get along with other states (Capacity of have relations with other nations)
    - defined territory
    Hawai'i met all the criteria
  7. Minister Stevens recognizes the provisional government on behalf of the US
  8. US; Portugal; Great Britain; France; Japan; Italy; Chile; Germany; Sweden and Norway; Denmark; Peru; Belgium; Netherlands; Spain; Mexico; Russia
  9. - Hawaiian Kingdom was the first "non-european" nation to enter the family of nations in 1843
    - Ottoman empire was the first "non-christian" nation
  10. Austria
    France and Colonies
    Great Britain and Colonies
  11. Father son
  12. 1840-1893 Hawaiian Kingdom possessed
  13. Kamehameha III proclaims Hawai'i's first constitution
    - executive branch
    - legislative branch (House of Nobles, House of Representatives)
    - Judicial Branch
  14. - King Kalakaua
    - Honolulu Rifles forced him to sign a new constitution forcing him to appoint a new council, stripping him of his power and not ratified by the legislative assembly
    - Honolulu Rifles turn into the Committee of Safety led by minister Stevens
  15. US
    Great Britain
  16. - January 16, 1893 the US Illegally intervened int he affairs of the Hawaiian Kingdom in an attempt to annex the Hawaiian Islands
  17. Great Britain and France
  18. Provisional government signed treaty of annexation with the United States
  19. - GB recognize Hawaii as Independent under Queen Victoria
    - France recognizes Hawaii as independent under King Louis Phillipe
  20. Austria; Belgium; Central and South America; Denmark; France and Colonies; Germany; Great Britain and colonies; Italy; Japan; Mexico; US
  21. Hawaiian Independence Day
  22. - Kauikeouli wants to become part of the family of nations
    - Swayed by the 1840s Treaty of Waitangi where the Maori Chiefs agreed to make Aotearoa a British Colony
    - And when in 1842 France makes Tahiti a protectorate
  23. Shoots= okay, roger that
    Pau= done, finished, complete
    Dakine= that aforementioned thing
    Broke da mouth= super tasty
    Scrap= to fight
    hapa= half or part
    Bus'= drunk
    Irraz= irritating
    Shishi= to urinate
    Kanak attack= food coma
  24. Men's Hawaiian Patriotic League
    Women's Hawaiian Patriotic League
    Hawaiian Political Association
    Their support killed the 1897 treaty of annexation
  25. Kauikeouli
    - ascends to the throne after the death of his brother, Kamehameha II, in 1824
    - 1820-1840 literacy explodes throughout Hawai'i
    - Schools multiply quickly (Hawaiian schools)
  26. Ate the children at school
  27. Austria-Hungary; Belgium; Bremen; Denmark; France; Germany; Great Britain; Hamburg; Italy; Japan; Netherlands; Portugal; Russia; Samoa; Spain; Switzerland; Sweden and Norway; US
  28. Alexander Liholiho
    - ascends to the throne in 1819 after his father's death
    - 1819 Abolishes the Kapu System
    - 1820 Missionaries arrive from Boston
  29. A new constitution changing his cabinet council
  30. 1791 - Unites Hawai'i Island
    1810 - Unites all Hawaiian Islands under one sovereign rule
  31. Hawaii becomes fifth nation in the world with compulsory education for all youth
    - Succeeds Prussia, Denmark, Greece, and Spain
  32. Pearl Harbor
    Fort Shafter
    Wheeler Air Base
    Hicks Air Base
    Kaneohe Marine Corps Base
    Schofield Barracks
    US Pacific Command
  33. Great Britain
  34. - King Kamehameha III in Privy Council commissions 3 envoys to secure international recognition
    1) Timiteo Ha'alilio
    2) William Richards
    3) Sir George Simpson
  35. Chink= Asians
    Y'all= you folks, you guys
    Wetbacks= Mexicans, brown skins
    Crackers= White people
    *********= jerk
    Tool= stupid
    Dip out= to leave, to exit
    THOT= that ho over there
    Kuso= shit
    Puto= bitch
  36. Breaks out in 1898
    American ships dock in Hawaii violating Law of Neutrality, violation of international law
  37. on March 11, 1893, US President initiated and investigation and concluded that the US is responsible for the overthrow of the Monarchy
  38. - The US had a duty to to not intervene in the internal affairs of another nation but it violated this duty
  39. Kamehameha III proclaims Hawaiian Declaration of Rights
  40. Hawaiian Kingdom becomes part of the Universal Postal Union
  41. - Anglo-Franco population of Hawaiian Independence (Britain and France)
  42. Is reading my son in his bedroom
  1. a Mainland stereotypes
  2. b President Cleveland's Investigation
  3. c Bayonet Constitution
  4. d Anglo-Franco Declaration of Hawaiian Independence
  5. e Family of Nations
  6. f 1843
  7. g November 28, 1843
  8. h Hawaiian Kingdom Diplomats Abroad
  9. i Duty of non-intervention
  10. j VSO Going to surf at Sandys
  11. k 5 Countries with Diplomats in the Hawaiian Kingdom
  12. l 1893
  13. m February 14, 1893
  14. n VSO The children ate at school
  15. o 5 Countries with Hawaiian Diplomats
  16. p Spanish American War
  17. q November 28
  18. r January 17, 1893
  19. s US Intervention
  20. t Relationship between King Kamehameha I and King Kamehameha II
  21. u December 19, 1842
  22. v VSO My son is reading in his bedroom
  23. w King Kamehameha I
  24. x Hawaiian Kingdom
  25. y 12 Hawaiian Islands
  26. z King Kamehameha III
  27. aa King Kamehameha II
  28. ab First colonization of Hawai'i
  29. ac 19th-Century Milestones in International Relations
  30. ad Hawaiian Pidgin Words
  31. ae Diplomatic Representatives in the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893
  32. af Countries that had treaties with Hawaii
  33. ag American Military Bases in Hawaii
  34. ah October 8, 1840
  35. ai June 7, 1839
  36. aj 12 Countries that had treaties with Hawaii
  37. ak 3 Hawaiian Organizations that petitioned against annexation
  38. al April 8, 1842
  39. am January 1882
  40. an What did the Honolulu Rifles for King Kalakaua to sign?
  41. ao Statehood
  42. ap 1841