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  1. religious sites dedicated to various gods

  2. Family guardian
  3. Long, fitted dress with train

  4. a large Australian ratite bird
  5. the refuse from melting of metals or reduction of ores

  6. Aztec tribal patron god; central figure of cult of human sacrifice and warfare; identified with old sun god
  7. big stone platform used as a foundation of a Polynesian house
  8. a sarong worn by Hawaiian women with the top under one arm and over the shoulder of the opposite arm.

  9. a woman of Central Polynesia
  10. the mythological homeland of the Polynesians
  11. bright red Hawaiian bird
  12. little red or pink rose with a distinct fragrance
  13. a tall New Zealand timber tree
  14. Hawaiian shirt worn untucked usually having a plaid or cross-striped pattern
  15. a Polynesian chief, noble, or king

  16. a Hawaiian cooking pit in which hot stones bake the food
  17. an amberfish

  18. {noun} a girl surfer.
  19. fish with large eyes

  20. a headman of a Hawaiian land division who also controls fishing rights in adjacent waters
  21. cloak worn by chiefs usually made of feathers of red or yellow

  22. Literally "eye-movement," the traditional Hawaiian observance of the four-month winter period, which refers to the appearance and movement of stars.
  23. a Polynesian chief, noble, or king

  24. A small piece of land that is completely surrounded by lava flows
  25. type of rush used to create baskets and mats

  26. : a shrub or tree of the genus Dodonaea; especially : an ornamental shrub or small tree (Dodonaea vicosa) of tropical to subtropical regions that has narrow, glossy leaves coated with a sticky substance when young and a fruit that is a winged, papery capsule

  27. royal insignia
  28. festival in Hawaii
  29. one who has been a longtime resident of Hawaii

  30. a nearly extinct goose
  31. a small Hawaiian anchovy

  32. a Polynesian chief, noble, or king

  33. Hawaiian blueberry
  34. a tall New Zealand timber tree

  35. a Hawaiian fishing party

  36. an Asian dish often served as an appetizer or main course and consisting of samples of a variety of foods

  37. rough scoriaceous lava
  38. small common food fish found in tropical seawaters
  39. Hawaiian coconut and cornstarch pudding
  40. tropical sea food fish
  41. brighty colored food fish
  42. having a flat unkeeled breastbone
  43. having the nature of the refuse from melting of metals or reduction of ores