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  1. landed property (F)
  2. gather, collect (PI)
  3. lie (down) (Q)
  4. live, be alive (Q)
  5. hide, conceal (PI)
  6. truth, faithfulness (F)
  7. languish (Q)
  8. alone, only (ADV); ל+בד
  9. hundred (F) (NUM)
  10. keep alive, let live, revive (HI)
  11. behold, see! (INTJ)
  12. contain, sustain, keep (PILPEL)—root is כוּל
  13. set up, cause to stand (HI)
  14. staff, rod, branch, tribe (M)
  15. grace, favor (M)
  16. famine, hunger (M)
  17. produce, yield (F)
  18. according to (PREP) (לְ+פֶּה)
  19. be at an end, be no more (Q)
  20. only, still, but, however, nevertheless (ADV)
  21. pasture (M)
  22. cattle, herd, ox (M)
  23. buy, acquire (Q)
  24. collect, reach (HI)—root is נשׂג
  25. be strong (Q); strengthen, seize (Hi)
  26. set, place, establish (HI)—root is יצג
  27. little, few (ADV)
  28. statute (M)
  29. be found, be discovered, be caught (NI)
  30. forty (NUM)
  31. be uninhabited, be deserted; be appalled (Q)
  32. in front of, in sight of, opposite to (ADV, PREP)
  33. silver, money (M)
  34. burial, grave (F)
  35. temporary abode, place of sojourning (M)
  36. be heavy (Q); make heavy, honor (PI)
  37. grain (M)
  38. children (COLL) (M)
  39. bury (Q, PI); be buried (NI)
  40. be complete, finished (Q)
  41. body, corpse (F)
  42. priest (M)
  43. break (Q); shatter, break (PI)
  44. end, extremity (M)
  45. settle, set, cause to sit, inhabit (HI)—root is יָשַׁב
  46. upper thigh, side (M)
  47. property (land or livestock) (M)
  48. give (Q) (always IMPV; frequently functions as INTJ come!)
  49. kindness, goodness (M)
  50. best, best part (M)
  51. to sojourn, abide (Q)
  52. five (NUM)
  53. strength, wealth, valor; army (M)
  54. thirty (NUM)
  55. allow to pass over (HI)
  56. fifth part (M)
  57. be left over/behind, remain over/behind (NI)