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  1. קָבַרbury (Q, PI); be buried (NI)


  2. נִשְׁאַרbe found, be discovered, be caught (NI)


  3. הֵאbehold, see! (INTJ)


  4. רַקonly, still, but, however, nevertheless (ADV)


  5. גּוּרto sojourn, abide (Q)


  6. חָזַקlive, be alive (Q)


  7. חֵןstatute (M)


  8. מִקְנֶהproperty (land or livestock) (M)


  9. כֹּהֵןhide, conceal (PI)


  10. מֵיטָבbest, best part (M)


  11. לִקֵּטgather, collect (PI)


  12. תְּבוּאָהbody, corpse (F)


  13. הֶעֱבִירset up, cause to stand (HI)


  14. קָנָהend, extremity (M)


  15. חֲמִשָּׁהfive (NUM)


  16. הֶחֱיָהlive, be alive (Q)


  17. שָׁכַבbe uninhabited, be deserted; be appalled (Q)


  18. לְפִיalone, only (ADV); ל+בד


  19. כָּבֵדhide, conceal (PI)


  20. נִמְצָאproperty (land or livestock) (M)


  21. הֶעֱמִידset up, cause to stand (HI)


  22. לְבַדalone, only (ADV); ל+בד


  23. מִרְעֶהpasture (M)


  24. רָעָבlanguish (Q)


  25. לָהָהbuy, acquire (Q)


  26. אַרְבָּעִיםforty (NUM)


  27. בָּקָרcattle, herd, ox (M)


  28. הִשִּׂיגset, place, establish (HI)—root is יצג


  29. הוֹשִׁיבsettle, set, cause to sit, inhabit (HI)—root is יָשַׁב


  30. מַטֶּהgather, collect (PI)


  31. קָצֶהend, extremity (M)


  32. חֶ֫סֶדstrength, wealth, valor; army (M)


  33. כִּחֵדbe heavy (Q); make heavy, honor (PI)


  34. יָרֵךְend, extremity (M)


  35. חַ֫יִלstrength, wealth, valor; army (M)


  36. גְּוִיָּהproduce, yield (F)


  37. שְׁלֹשִׁיםbe uninhabited, be deserted; be appalled (Q)


  38. אֱמֶתend, extremity (M)


  39. שֶׁ֫בֶרgrain (M)


  40. מְעַטlittle, few (ADV)


  41. שָׁבַרbe uninhabited, be deserted; be appalled (Q)


  42. טַףchildren (COLL) (M)


  43. כֶּ֫סֶףsilver, money (M)


  44. אָפֵסbe at an end, be no more (Q)


  45. תָּמַםbe complete, finished (Q)


  46. יָ‏הַבgive (Q) (always IMPV; frequently functions as INTJ come!)


  47. חֹ֫מֶשׁkindness, goodness (M)


  48. חָיָהbuy, acquire (Q)


  49. כִּלְכַּלcontain, sustain, keep (PILPEL)—root is כוּל


  50. מֵאָהhundred (F) (NUM)


  51. חֹקstatute (M)


  52. נֶ֫גֶדkindness, goodness (M)


  53. הִצִּיגset, place, establish (HI)—root is יצג


  54. קְבוּרָהtemporary abode, place of sojourning (M)


  55. מָגוּרtemporary abode, place of sojourning (M)


  56. אֲחֻזָּהfive (NUM)


  57. שָׁמַםbreak (Q); shatter, break (PI)