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  1. fire (M, F)
  2. see, look (Q); show oneself, appear (NI); show, exhibit (HI)
  3. build (Q)
  4. altar (M)
  5. hear, listen; obey w. בְּקוֹל
  6. bind, bind on, bind up (Q); bind, restrain (PI); be bound up (PU)
  7. young man (M)
  8. burnt offering (F)
  9. place (M)
  10. behold! look! (INTJ)
  11. from afar, at a distance (M)
  12. say (Q)
  13. mountain, hill country (M)
  14. knife (F)
  15. slaughter (Q)
  16. take, receive (Q)
  17. go up (Q)
  18. bind together (legs of an animal for sacrifice) (Q)
  19. that, which, who (CONJ)
  20. walk, go (Q)