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  1. meaning unknown; perhaps:
    a. many-colored
    b. decorated with needlework
    c. extending to the wrists and ankles
  2. In order to (CONJ)
  3. be able (Q)
  4. Before (PREP)
  5. Throw (HI)
  6. Be full, fill (Q)
  7. Bread, food (M)
  8. Draw near, approach (Q)
  9. Still; again (ADV)
  10. Envy (PI)
  11. descendents (F)
  12. Empty (ADJ)
  13. Multiply, do again, continue (HI)—root is יסף
  14. Kill (HI)
  15. Rebuke, speak insultingly to someone (Q)
  16. Kill, slay (Q)
  17. Wilderness (M)
  18. Recount, declare, tell (PI)
  19. speak (PI)
  20. Sun (M/F)
  21. old age (MP)
  22. Eleven (NUM)
  23. report, rumor (F)
  24. To, toward (attached to end of noun)
  25. Bring down, cause to descend (HI)—root is ירד
  26. bring, make enter (HI)
  27. Snatch away, deliver (HI)
  28. To return (something) (HI)
  29. Caravan (F)
  30. Moon (M)
  31. Owner, lord, husband (M)
  32. Star (M)