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  • (Txoj/thooj/hau) phuam

    head piece

    txoj siv ceeb

    head wrapping

    lub xauv

    whole necklace

    lub kib

    necklace symbol

    tus npauj

    jewel (on the earring)

    daim phiaj

    necklace symbol

    cov ncais

    back piece

    lub dab tshos

    collar piece

    lub ntsej tsho


    tus ntiag tsho

    shirt column

    txoj hlab si/se


    lub hnab nyiaj

    money pouch

    txoj hlab nyiaj

    money sash

    daim sev

    skirt column

    daim tiab


    cov nre tiab


    txoj nrhoob


    Lub Tshwb Ntauh Tshiab Liag

    velvet (fabric)

    Cov hlaws


    Cov nyiaj npib

    penny sized coins

    Cov nyiaj hob

    french coins

    lub phuam paj

    decorative hat

    lub kausmom


    lub qhws tsej


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