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  • Yawg Suab

    Great Great Grandfather (paternal)

    Yawg Koob

    Great Grandfather (paternal)

    Txiv Yawg (yawg)

    Grandfather (paternal)

    Yawg Laug/Hlob

    Brother older than my father

    Yawg cuag/cuas

    Father in law of my son or daughter

    Quas Yawg/txiv

    husband (Woman speaking)

    Puaj suab/pog

    Great Great grandmother (paternal)

    Puj koob/pog

    Great grandmother (paternal)



    Puj Laug/ Niam Hlob

    Wife of my father's older brother (aunt)

    Puj Nyaaj/Phauj

    My father's sister (aunt)

    Puj cuag/puj cuas

    my daughter's mother in law

    Quas puj/poj niam

    Wife (husband speaking)


    Grandfather (maternal)

    Yawm Laug/txiv

    Husband of my mom's older sister

    Yawm Hluas/txiv

    Husband of my mom's younger sister

    Yawm txiv

    My wife's dad

    Yawm Dlaab/Dab laug

    My wife's brother

    Yawm Yij

    My sister's husband (man speaking)

    Yawm vauv

    Husband of my sister (wife speaking)


    Grandmother (maternal)

    Tais laug

    my mom's older sister or my wife's older sister(man speaking) or older sister (woman speaking)

    Nam tais

    my wife's mother (my mother in law)

    Tais dlaab/ tis nyab

    My wife's brother's husband or wife of my brother (woman speaking)



    Txiv ntxawm

    My dad's younger brother

    Txiv dlaab/dab laug

    my mom's brother

    Txiv kwj/yawg laus

    husband of my dad's sister

    Txiv laug

    Husband of my wife's older sister

    Txiv Hluas

    Husband of my wife's younger sister



    Nam ntxawm

    Wife of dad's younger brother or wife of my younger brother (man speaking)

    Nam dlaab/ nam dab laug

    wife of my mom's brother

    Nam tij

    Wife of my older brother (man speaking)


    brother (woman speaking)

    Nug npawg

    My mom's nephew (maternal boy cousin, woman speaking)


    Sister (man speaking)

    Muam npawg

    My mom's niece (maternal girl cousin, man speaking)

    Tij laug

    older brother

    Tij Nraab

    intermediate older brother

    Tij Yau

    Youngest brother (the one just before me)


    Younger brother

    Kwv nraab

    intermediate younger brother

    Kwv Ntxawg

    Youngest brother

    Kwv Npawg

    maternal boy first cousin


    Older sister (woman speaking)


    Younger sister (woman speaking)

    Viv ncaug/viv ncaus

    all my sisters (woman speaking)

    Viv ncaug npawg

    all my maternal girl cousins (woman speaking)


    son or granchild's father in law

    Tub xeeb ntxwv

    My nephew (my brother's sons, man speaking)



    ntxhais xeeb ntxwv

    My nieces (my brother's daughters, man speaking)

    Nyuas Tshub

    My nieces and nephews (my sister's children)

    Mug Kwv

    My nephews and nieces (my brother in laws children) (my brother's sons) (woman speaking)

    Xeeb Ntxwv

    My grandchildren or nephews and nieces

    Ntxais xeeb ntxwv

    My granddaughter

    Naab xeeb ntxwv

    my grandson's wife

    Vauv xeeb ntxwv

    my granddaughters husband

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