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  1. Age spots, dark spots, burn marks
  2. A stage
  3. Location, place, country
  4. Nowadays
  5. To sob, to gasp, to struggle for air
  6. To thread, to duck under, to pull back
  7. To be overly talkative
  8. To take everything
  9. Suddenly, instantly
  10. Souvenir
  11. To be addicted to something
  12. Mosquito net, tent screen
  13. To separate corn kernel using the thumb
  14. Even more or less in extent
  15. Pattern, role model
  16. To estimate, approximately
  17. To represent; on behalf of
  18. Life on Earth
  19. To side glance, to be cross eyed
  20. To be messy, in knots, tangled
  21. To be ruined, broken
  22. To avenge, to payback
  23. To be uncomfortable
  24. To reduce, to save; some
  25. Fit together
  26. The origin, starting point
  27. Jungle; forest
  28. To entice, to lure, to persuade (negative connotation)
  29. Sleep
  30. To start
  31. To ignore, not respond
  32. To burn (firewood)
  33. To strap on something
  34. To be forgetful, not aware
  35. Desert/barren area -- mostly near bodies of water
  36. To horizon
  37. Personality
  38. Fertilizer, beginning, start, origin; to toast, pour a drink
  39. Mind; memory
  40. To make by molding
  41. To have moonlight
  42. To be clear, understandable
  43. To be damp
  44. To gossip, gossip
  45. Rights, to the right to do something
  46. To sight see
  47. To visit, to hang out with friends and family
  48. To search for, to look through
  49. Pass a point; more, a lot
  50. To be in a rush
  51. Kingdom, fenced in large property
  52. To reincarnate
  53. To be in a poor state, flat broke
  54. To brainstorm, discuss, plan
  55. To reach for
  56. To to sticking out
  57. To distribute, to pass out
  58. Human rights
  59. Citizens, people
  60. To become
  61. To worship; pay respects
  62. To go or do without seeing
  63. To snatch away quickly
  64. Haze, heat mist
  65. To halt or stop while/during something
  66. To be sick and tired of doing something
  67. To be undecided, unsure, inconclusive
  68. To warn, to notify
  69. Non-Hmong people
  70. A little, somewhat, so so
  71. To bother, to ignite, to light a fire
  72. Hit, burning charcoal
  73. A scarecrow, statues in general
  74. To rescue, to save
  75. To doze off
  76. To endure
  77. To confess, admit
  78. To miss dearly
  79. To fish, to bow
  80. To have a close relationship with, to used to, familiar
  81. To look away as to ignore, to turn aside
  82. Fingerprint, fingertips
  83. Attitude
  84. Location on mountains, highlands
  85. To brush against
  86. To hatch
  87. Prosperous, affluent, successful
  88. To not stress about
  89. Dirty, filthy
  90. Dimples; a meal worm
  91. To lie, a lair
  92. To hang/dip down; to look with downcast eyes (dauv muag)
  93. To recall, remember
  94. To leave, separate
  95. To pause; far, distant
  96. To stretch
  97. To interrupt; to annoy
  98. To be tired of, sick of
  99. To dip in/into; to participate
  100. To days ahead, days to come