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  1. complete ideas organized into a form (story, plan, speech, song, poem)
  2. tool objects; abstract tools (hammer, gun, fork, spoon, ability)
  3. plural classifier; takes place of other classifiers in plural context (books, people, pens, flowers)
  4. long, flexible objects; abstract long, flexible (hair, necklace, rope, breath, life, life, path)
  5. animals, people, long and solid objects; abstract long (dog, son, pole, breath, spirit, soul, scent)
  6. sheets bound into a book format (textbook, novel, magazine)
  7. general objects, abstracts not under other clf (space/place, time, possessions/things)
  8. flat, spread out objects (blanket, paper, land, skin)
  9. round objects; abstract round (ball, farm, flower, sun, house, idea, ability, time)
  10. plant and plant-like objects (tree, shrub, flower)