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  1. My dad's younger brother
  2. Younger brother
  3. My wife's brother
  4. Sister (man speaking)
  5. my grandson's wife
  6. My granddaughter
  7. Daughter
  8. Grandfather (paternal)
  9. my mom's older sister or my wife's older sister(man speaking) or older sister (woman speaking)
  10. husband of my dad's sister
  11. Husband of my mom's younger sister
  12. Husband of my wife's younger sister
  13. my granddaughters husband
  14. Great Great grandmother (paternal)
  15. Father in law of my son or daughter
  16. Wife of dad's younger brother or wife of my younger brother (man speaking)
  17. My mom's niece (maternal girl cousin, man speaking)
  18. intermediate older brother
  19. Wife of my father's older brother (aunt)
  20. Husband of my sister (wife speaking)
  21. Grandmother
  22. Wife (husband speaking)
  23. my wife's mother (my mother in law)
  24. Father
  25. My sister's husband (man speaking)
  26. Husband of my mom's older sister
  27. Great Great Grandfather (paternal)
  28. Youngest brother
  29. son or granchild's father in law
  30. Youngest brother (the one just before me)
  31. all my maternal girl cousins (woman speaking)
  32. older brother
  33. Grandfather (maternal)
  34. my mom's brother
  35. Husband of my wife's older sister
  36. all my sisters (woman speaking)
  37. My wife's dad
  38. Brother older than my father
  39. My nieces and nephews (my sister's children)
  40. My mom's nephew (maternal boy cousin, woman speaking)
  41. My grandchildren or nephews and nieces
  42. maternal boy first cousin
  43. Older sister (woman speaking)
  44. My wife's brother's husband or wife of my brother (woman speaking)
  45. my daughter's mother in law
  46. brother (woman speaking)
  47. My nephew (my brother's sons, man speaking)
  48. My father's sister (aunt)
  49. Great grandmother (paternal)
  50. Younger sister (woman speaking)
  51. Great Grandfather (paternal)
  52. wife of my mom's brother
  53. My nephews and nieces (my brother in laws children) (my brother's sons) (woman speaking)
  54. Grandmother (maternal)
  55. intermediate younger brother
  56. My nieces (my brother's daughters, man speaking)
  57. Mother
  58. husband (Woman speaking)
  59. Wife of my older brother (man speaking)