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  1. KwvOlder sister (woman speaking)


  2. Txiv ntxawmMy dad's younger brother


  3. Yawm Dlaab/Dab laugwife of my mom's brother


  4. Tub xeeb ntxwvmy grandson's wife


  5. TubMother


  6. Tij Nraabintermediate younger brother


  7. Nug/nusYounger sister (woman speaking)


  8. Viv ncaug/viv ncausall my sisters (woman speaking)


  9. Yawm Hluas/txivHusband of my mom's older sister


  10. Naab xeeb ntxwvmy grandson's wife


  11. Xeeb NtxwvMy grandchildren or nephews and nieces


  12. VivOlder sister (woman speaking)


  13. Ntxais xeeb ntxwvMy nieces (my brother's daughters, man speaking)


  14. Yawg SuabGreat Grandfather (paternal)


  15. Txiv dlaab/dab laugmy mom's brother


  16. Txiv Yawg (yawg)husband of my dad's sister


  17. Tij laugolder brother


  18. NamSister (man speaking)


  19. Txiv laugolder brother


  20. Muam npawgMy mom's niece (maternal girl cousin, man speaking)


  21. Puaj suab/pogGreat Great grandmother (paternal)


  22. Quas Yawg/txivMy mom's niece (maternal girl cousin, man speaking)


  23. Yawg Laug/HlobHusband of my mom's older sister


  24. TaisDaughter


  25. Yawm Laug/txivHusband of my mom's older sister


  26. Nam dlaab/ nam dab laugmy mom's brother


  27. Puj cuag/puj cuasFather in law of my son or daughter


  28. Txiv HluasHusband of my wife's younger sister


  29. Nam tijmy wife's mother (my mother in law)


  30. Puj koob/pogGreat Great grandmother (paternal)


  31. NtxhaisGrandmother (maternal)


  32. Yawg cuag/cuasFather in law of my son or daughter


  33. Tij Yauolder brother


  34. Viv ncaug npawgall my maternal girl cousins (woman speaking)


  35. Vauv xeeb ntxwvmy granddaughters husband


  36. Tais laugolder brother


  37. Puj/PogGreat grandmother (paternal)


  38. Ncaug/ncausbrother (woman speaking)


  39. Quas puj/poj niammy daughter's mother in law


  40. Kwv NtxawgYoungest brother


  41. Yawm txivMy wife's dad


  42. Yawg KoobGreat Great Grandfather (paternal)


  43. ntxhais xeeb ntxwvMy granddaughter


  44. Mug KwvYounger brother


  45. Yawm/YawgHusband of my sister (wife speaking)


  46. Nyuas TshubGreat Great Grandfather (paternal)


  47. Yawm vauvMy wife's dad


  48. MuamMother


  49. Kwv NpawgYoungest brother


  50. Tais dlaab/ tis nyabmy mom's brother


  51. Kwv nraabmaternal boy first cousin


  52. Nam taismy wife's mother (my mother in law)


  53. Nug npawgMy mom's nephew (maternal boy cousin, woman speaking)


  54. Txiv kwj/yawg lausGrandfather (paternal)


  55. TvivFather


  56. Yawm YijGrandfather (maternal)


  57. Puj Laug/ Niam HlobWife of my father's older brother (aunt)


  58. Puj Nyaaj/PhaujGreat Great grandmother (paternal)


  59. Nam ntxawmmy wife's mother (my mother in law)