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  • Do you know how to speak Ilocano?

    ammom ti agilokano?

    I understand a little but don't know how to speak it.

    Maawatak bassit ngem diak ammo nga isao.

    I speak it a little.

    Bassit laeng ti maisaok.

    How do you say ___ in your language?

    Ania ti ___ iti saoyo.

    Do you understand what I am saying?

    Maawatam ti ibagbagek?

    I don't understand.

    Diak maawatan.

    Please repeat that.


    Speak more slowly.

    In-innayadem kadi ti agsao.

    You speak English well.

    Naglaingka nga aagsao ti English.

    My speech is not grammatical.

    Saan nga kusto ti panagsaok.

    I am still learning how to speak Ilocano.

    Agad-adalak pay laeng nga agsao iti Ilocano.

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