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  • Go straight ahead

    Agderetsoka laeng dita

    Turn right at the corner

    Agpakanawanka dita nagsulian ti kalsada

    turn left after the bridge

    Agpakanigidka kalpasan ti rangtay.

    Where is your father and mother?

    Ayan ni Tatangmo ken ni Nanangmo?

    He is upstairs but mother is downstairs.

    Adda ni Tatang idiay ngato, ngem ni Nanang ket adda dita baba.

    The house behind the church is my uncle's.

    Ti balay iti likudan ti simbaan ket balay ni uliteg.

    Climb up there.

    Sumang-at kayo idiay.

    Come down here.

    Sumalog kayo ditoy.

    Stop at the corner.

    Agsardeng kayo dita nagsulian ti kalsada.

    I will get off here.

    Agdissaagak ditoyen.

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