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  • What do you want?

    Ania ti kayat mo?

    Where are you going?


    I already went


    Let's eat


    I forgot their name.

    Nalipatak ti nagan na.

    (blank) went there.

    Napan ni (blank) idiay

    He/She gave it to me

    Intedna kaniak

    I saw it yesterday.

    Nabuyak idi kalman

    I'm here in your house.

    Addak idiay balay mo.

    Tell him

    Pakibagam man

    What about you?

    Sika ngay?

    I'll come again

    Umayak manen

    What did he/she say?

    Ania ti imbagana?

    Do you know why he/she is like that?

    Ammom no apay a kasdiay?

    Call (blank)

    Ayabam ni (blank)

    Please wait

    Agurayka man bassit.

    Let's go


    It's good you're here

    Ne, nasayaat ta addakan

    I feel sleepy


    Just fine

    Kastoy latta

    We're going now


    You're really good

    Nalaingka gayam

    I have no money

    Awan ti kuartak

    How much does it cost?

    Mano ti bayadna?

    Do you want anything else?

    Adda pay kayatyo?

    I have a headache

    Nasakit ti ulok.

    Do you know the way to (blank)

    Ammom ti dalan idiay (blank)?

    I'm hungry


    I don't know

    Diak amo

    He/she is crazy

    Bagtit isuna

    What are you doing right now?

    Ania kakuem?

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