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  1. Ne, nasayaat ta addakanI have a headache


  2. Ammom no apay a kasdiay?Do you know why he/she is like that?


  3. Pakibagam manTell him


  4. Bagtit isunaJust fine


  5. Intedna kaniakHe/She gave it to me


  6. Napan ni (blank) idiay(blank) went there.


  7. Nalaingka gayamYou're really good


  8. Addak idiay balay mo.I'm here in your house.


  9. Agurayka man bassit.I'll come again


  10. Ania ti kayat mo?Do you want anything else?


  11. IntanLet's go


  12. MakaturogakWhat about you?


  13. Kastoy lattaJust fine


  14. Ammom ti dalan idiay (blank)?Do you know the way to (blank)


  15. Ayabam ni (blank)Call (blank)


  16. Ania kakuem?What are you doing right now?


  17. Umayak manenI'll come again


  18. MangantayonI already went


  19. MabasinakonI'm hungry


  20. Nalipatak ti nagan na.I forgot their name.


  21. Sika ngay?What about you?


  22. IkaminLet's go


  23. Awan ti kuartakHow much does it cost?


  24. Nasakit ti ulok.I have a headache


  25. Diak amoWe're going now


  26. Adda pay kayatyo?Do you want anything else?


  27. Nabuyak idi kalmanI saw it yesterday.


  28. Ania ti imbagana?How much does it cost?


  29. Papanam?Where are you going?


  30. Mano ti bayadna?What did he/she say?


  31. NapanakonI already went