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  1. I heard
    You heard
    He/she heard
    We heard
    You all heard
    They heard
  2. I ate
    You ate
    He/she ate
    We ate
    You all made
    They made
  3. I gave
    You gave
    He/she gave
    We gave
    You all gave
    They gave
  4. I made
    You made
    He/she made
    We made
    You all made
    They made
  5. I was
    You were
    He/she were
    We were
    You all were
    They were
  6. I said
    You said
    He/she said
    We said
    You all said
    They said
  7. I grabbed
    You grabbed
    He/she grabbed
    We grabbed
    You all grabbed
    They grabbed
  8. I saw
    You saw
    He/she saw
    We saw
    You all saw
    They saw