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  1. Our school doesnt do metalwork
  2. i dont do home ec
  3. i dont like irish because its boring
  4. i like the sound of spanish
  5. i like engish because it is easy
  6. i dont like maths because its hard
  7. In computer class we type
  8. i dont do french
  9. do you like history
  10. what is classical studies
  11. i like cspe because its interesting
  12. i like pe because im good at it
  13. The world of technology
  14. Environmental and social studies
  15. In greece they used to speak ancient Greek
  16. i dont do italain
  17. The church used to speak Latin
  18. i like geramn because im good at langueges
  19. i enjoy science
  20. i dont like business because the teacher doesnt explain things
  21. In maths we do technical graphs
  22. Our school doesnt do wood work
  23. i like music because its intereresting
  24. i dont like geography because im not bgood at it
  25. art is fun