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  • おはよう (Ohayou)



    Good morning. (polite)


    Hello, Good afternoon.


    Good evening.


    Good night.

    ごきげんよう(Gokigen yo u)

    Good bye. (polite)


    Good bye.

    じゃあまた(Jaa mata)

    See you again.

    またあした(Mata ashita)

    See you tomorrow.

    またらいしゅう(Mata raishuu)

    See you next week.

    おげんきですか。(Ogenki desu ka?)

    How are you?

    はい、げんきです。(Hai, genki desu.)

    I am fine.

    ごきげんいかがですか。(Gokigen ikaga desu ka)

    How are you? (very polite)

    おかげさまでげんきです。(Okagesamade genki desu)

    I am fine, thank you.


    How do you do?

    おあいできてうれしいです。(Oai dekite ureshii desu.)

    Pleased to meet you.

    どうぞよろしく。(Douzo yoroshiku.)

    Nice to meet you.



    ありがとうございます。(Arigatou gozaimasu)

    Thank you so much. (for what is happening now)

    ありがとうございました。(Arigatou gozaimashita)

    Thank you so much. (for what happened in the past)


    You are welcome.


    I am sorry.


    Excuse me. (for what is happening now)

    すみませんでした。(Sumimasen deshita)

    Excuse me. (for what happened in the past)

    もうしわけありません。(Moushiwake arimasen)

    I am so sorry. (very polite apology) (for what is happening now)

    もうしわけありませんでした。(Moushiwake arimasendeshita)

    I am so sorry. (very polite apology) (for what happened in the past)

    しつれいします。(Shitsurei shimasu)

    Sorry for my impoliteness. Sorry to disturb you. (when trying to enter a room)


    Sorry to disturb you. (when you check if someone is in the house)


    Sorry to disturb you. (when trying to enter a house.)

    もしもし(moshi moshi)

    Hello. (on the phone)


    Please do it. (Polite order)


    Please do it for me. (Polite request)

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