Meaning and Application : The word 'loh' derives from Javanese 'lho'. Before a statement it is an expression of surprise at what has been said. Occurring after a word it is emphasizes the word and asserts that it is true, it implies the meaning of " .. you know". Synonym: Many times it's written 'lho' in Indonesian publications.


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  • Lho! kenapa belum dikerjain?

    What? Why haven't you done this?

    Tinggal di Indonesia ternyata enak lho.

    It's good to live in Indonesia(you know).

    Besok ada rapat jam 9 pagi. Jangan lupa lho!

    There is a 9 AM meeting tomorrow, (make sure that) you don't forget!

    Gue seneng lho tinggal di Bandung.

    Ah! I love living in Bandung.

    Gue nggak mau lho kalo disuruh nyanyi.

    I want you to know that I will decline if anybody ask me to sing.

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