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  1. Most popular Tala
  2. xylophones, cymbals, different sized gongs, rebab, gong ageng, bamboo flutes,drums
  3. started in indonesia; part of hunduism, buddhism, islam and animism
  4. -dramatization of ramayana
    -revived by Walter Spies (german visual artist) as a tourist attraction
  5. Dangdut singer star
  6. intended for intimate gatherings and often indoor and involves singing.
  7. indian stringed instrument; usually used for the melody
  8. -skill that is required to play and is admirable
    -for the sake of music
  9. long, complex rhythmic cycles
  10. music of the south
    southern classical
    instrument based
  11. pentatonic 5 pitch tuning system
  12. just theater
  13. monophonic- one musical line, like a chant
    heterophonic- several different versions of melody played at the same time plus the drone
    polyphonic- multiple voiced (counterpoint)
  14. Colin McPhee's friend, was involved in the development of the kecak
  15. -there to create a musical sound thats going on outside
    -written to express something
  16. famous kebyar dancer; the person that looks like a woman and kind of dressed like one
  17. -begins with an overture plated on the gamelan
    -musicians do not play constantly throughout evening
    -during the puppet performance, the gamelan plays music drawn from a large repertory of pieces.
  18. -gamelan music
    -the rhythmic density of the music that keeps it going, in between the melody
  19. fusion of arabic pop, sumatran drumming, indian film music and western rock.
  20. music of the north
    primarily vocal based
    classical indian music
  21. four xylophones with resonators are the main instruments
    2 pairs; ornamenting later pause with resonating tones- stands in for punctuation of large gong (slendro tuning system)
  22. 2 stringed fiddle
  23. 1889- exibition universelle
    1900- exposition universelle
    "Pagodes" from Estampes; strong beat not always on 1, A/B/A form; wester classical. Possible gamelan ideas; punctuation, esp largest gong, ornamenting layer, Irama level, dissonances, maybe pentatonix scale.
  24. composer
    Book: A House on Bali
    Music: Tabuh-Tabuhaha
    -transcribed traditional balinese music into western notation (for piano, band
    -publicized bamboo gamelan (only using bamboo instruments)
    -revived angklung (tourist music on Bali)
  25. traditional court music
    loud playing style
    tuning system: pelog
  26. 7 pitch tuning system
  27. Punctuating: instrument sound is important at structural points
    Main Melody (balungan): played by the xylophone instrument or male chorus
    Ornamenting: tiny gongs, rebab, xylophones with resonators, flutes
  28. modal system (melodies or motives in Indian Music), associated with mood or the time of day
  29. shadow puppet theater; all night performance
    forms- human actors, wayang kulit, dance
  30. pair of drums in northern india; looks like bongos; played with their hands and part of the rhythm; can also bend the pitch on them.
  31. many different moods and characters expressed
  32. drone in indian music; long necked, pear shaped string instrument; set up so the bridge buzzes with the strings.
  33. basic melody in the layers of the indonesian gamelan
  34. war story between 2 brothers
  35. cross-dress dancing; music is virtuosic, unpredictable and flashy.
  36. mood of the piece determined by the time of day
  37. associated with festivals, processions and other noisy outdoor events; ensembles are strictly instrumental
  38. -dutch colonization
    java- 1602 courts helped the dutch and became wealthy; enhanced court ceremonial and musical culture.
    bali-dutch occupy in 1908. courts dissolved, court musical and stage culture comes to an end.
  39. -became a british colony;invaded by the dutch
    -won independence in 1947
    -divided into india and pakistan
  40. -where Javanese liken the gongan to a sentence and conceive of the subdividing parts
    -stronger beats on 2 (med.) and 4 (str)
    -strongest beat is the 16th beat (the only beat where two punctuating gong instruments concide)
    -instruments sounding at important structural points
  1. a Pelog
  2. b Balungan
  3. c abstract dance
  4. d Slendro
  5. e dangdut
  6. f Irama/Irama Level
  7. g Types of instruments in gamelan
  8. h Claude Debussy
  9. i Colin McPhee
  10. j Walter Spies
  11. k Gender Wayang
  12. l Hindustani
  13. m Historical events leading up to Indian Music
  14. n Mario
  15. o 4 Layers of Gamelan Music
  16. p rebab
  17. q Sitar
  18. r wayang kulit
  19. s loud sytle
  20. t Social History of Java and Bali affecting music
  21. u Kecak
  22. v Rhoma Irama
  23. w Raga
  24. x Tala
  25. y Tambura
  26. z kebyar dancing
  27. aa absolute music
  28. ab Layered Texture
  29. ac Canartic
  30. ad Punctuation
  31. ae Pathet
  32. af Javanese
  33. ag wayang
  34. ah Mahalaba
  35. ai Music to accompany Javanese Wayang Kulit
  36. aj Tabla
  37. ak program music
  38. al gamelan
  39. am Tintal
  40. an soft style